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  1. I just bought a 2005 4RT which is great. Yesterday I went to the local Honda/Yamaha/Husaberg/Beta shop to get a part for my vintage 74 TY250 and noticed a 4RT sitting in the service department. The service manager said that the fuel pump was bad and wondered if I knew where to get one. Honda/Montesa are doing a poor job of supplying parts here in the states. I have searched the forums and and the internet and have not found a reasonable "walk into the auto parts store" replacement for the 4RT fuel pump. I would like to see this bike fixed for a reasonable cost as trials riding mates are hard to come by in South West Colorado. Has anyone tried the H and D Racing light weight pump? http://handdracing.com/page2.htm Thanks in advance DFW
  2. dfwilson

    Scorpa Clutch

    I use Mobile 1 Synthetic ATF in my 03 SY250R and it solved all the problems of the clutch sticking.
  3. Just got a 2005 4RT and compared to either my 03 Scorpa SY250R or my 04 Beta Rev3 the fan seems to run a lot more of the time. Is this normal? Are there any problems with the water pump impeller wearing out? The air temperature while riding was about 60 F or 15 C Thanks DFW
  4. dfwilson


    This happened to my 03. Sent it to back to the importer and he fixed it. I did't have bar ends installed and the throttle was wide open and stuck in the mud. I tried to stop the engine with the kill switch. Just as it was almost stopped I slipped down the hill, it backfired and twisted the crank. Take off the ignition cover and check the run out of the flywheel.
  5. Thanks Cope Amazing talent!
  6. I use Mobil 1 full synthetic ATF. Works great.
  7. Oh My God, Dinosaur p*** killed the dinosaurs. Now we know. Got to agree with you about the plastic bags. You ought to see what gets stuck in the trees when Greens Bayou (Rio Bravo Motorcycle Park) floods in Houston
  8. dfwilson

    Rim Tape Fitting

    I bought a gallon of tire installation lube. It is slick as snot and worked very well to install the rim strip and tires as well. You might run by a tire shop and see if they will give or sell you a little bit. I figure the gallon I bought will last me for over a century.
  9. Some how I don't think that Miley Cyrus qualifies as a pole dancer.
  10. I have an M2000 for my Scorpa and bought one for my sons Sherco. The screen for the Sherco was a loose fit and when he ran the bike the screen popped out never to be seen again. I looked up the M2000 on the forest service web site and found out that the J.G. Minter and Sons firm in California manufactured it. I tried calling them but the number was disconnected. That was two years ago. I tried a few weeks ago to no avail. I called Ryan and he said that the conpany did not sell replacement screans. Ryan asked me to send the M2000 back to him and he would see what he could do. I never got around to doing it. You need a special flux to solder SS. Have done it but it is a bitch. You need to have the gas ratio just right. Oxydizing=Carborizing who knows. You might try spotwelding the screen. DFW
  11. I saw McGrath's buffet at the Houston Supercross about nine years ago. Meat, salad, green veggies, and cheese were on the table. No carbs of any kind. I didn't see what if anything he had between heats. Cheera DFW
  12. dfwilson

    Howling Sound

    Howling? No. How much of what do you have in the tranny Cheers DFW PS Does it whine like a BETA?
  13. Obama fo fama bad lama,,, Got to agree John Cleese is great.
  14. Neo, I always liked a few bars from Georg Friedrich Handel. Cheers DFW PS I like the Fat Bars on my Scorpa.
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