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  1. shercrazy


    does it hurt to run it like that? Performance is great, and is the fix permanent? You'd think if the crank twisted it would run different?
  2. shercrazy


    Does it hurt to run it like that?
  3. shercrazy


    Also, I just got the bike, and it had the clutch basket removed and that seal replaced, could it have been assembled wrong? I usually do my own wrenching, but it was done before I received the bike so I don't know what was done? And I'm brand new to scorpa.
  4. shercrazy


    I hope its not either, the bike runs super, compression, power, clutch, its all great, just a sound coming from the shifter side case.
  5. shercrazy


    My 02 sy250 is making a loud whirring noise from the clutch, not the typical scorpa noise, something different, changed fluid and everything.
  6. I probably won't make it to m.d., but the rest of them for sure, I'm having a few bike issues. Most senior riders ride the senior classes wich would be support line, but anyone can ride clubman. And I'm not so sure about refunds, I'm guessing its possible, I know I only wanted to ride a national to say I did it, now I'm hooked! It is amazing! I may consider riding clubman line on my 76 cota, that will be a treat!
  7. It is set up for sportsman to ride all sportsman and ex-sportsman to ride half of them, but if you have placed in the top 3 at any district event in intermediate then you should be fine, I'm just an average rider and I ride sportsman fine. Not any hopping or anything. (At least not at any n.y. events). Clubsman is more novice if you ask me, or a 3 line for vintage. My buddy rides nov. In d6 and he places middle of the pack. He rode the clubsman line and got 2nd first day and 1st second.
  8. I say go with sportsman, I ride int. Class and I had no trouble at all with any of the sections, they aren't as tight as d6 sections. Just fun riding
  9. july 27th is old school vintage's first vintage event with our new club! hope some of you vintage riders will check it out! it's part of the mavt series, it will be held at morgan valley farms in williamsport pa. (actually nippenose valley) there is camping and food and a really good event laid out! hope to see you guys there!..............john
  10. they do exist, my good friend has 196? triumph cub that he rode the year it was made and won the u.s nationals on, he has one that is original restored and the one he still competes on today, but it has a few mods. on it, thinner tank and different bars etc. and he still wins today on it and he just turned 67!.....................john
  11. does anyone know how jon michael minteer made out? he rode beta and i think he rode the youth support line?any ideas would be appreciated.........................john
  12. so are we turning the plate clockwise or counter?i did mine but don't remember, but my 06 never kicked back, at least not like my 75 sherpa-t does. (ouch!)
  13. hebo bar ends! the throttle side has a bearing for the end of the throttle tube so it rolls smooth without coming in contact with the bars, and it has a 10mm gap between the end of the tube and the bar end so if you do slam it, it won't mess up your throttle response! i've kept the same set for 3 bikes i've owned! they are well worth it, just like j-pegs........................john
  14. that same thing happened to my 06 olle shock, i was at an event ready to start and i did a nose wheelie and it clunked! tore the threads right out of the base! r.y.p sent me a new base and i got it recharged all for 100.00 bucks! i had to borrow my buddies 03 shock for a week but it has been fine ever since!................john
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