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    heya thanks again for taking the time to read this! i appreciate it. i am currently looking at a beta rev 3 250 it is year 2005. any thing i shud look out for? the thing im going to find hard is gettin g use to not driving flat out everywhere like i did on my racer yano how it is lol. Any idea where id get any off his dvds? cheers yet again connor
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    hey thanks for the reply. i am thinking off getting a beta are a gasgas but not 100% sure to be honest with you. Any prefrences? i am from belfast in northern ireland so i will be looking at getting into a club around this area. eg knock motorcycle club i think it is but will find this out when i get bike and kit etc. the reason for going to trials is because of injurys and the cost off racing at the minute and trials seems to be sorta fairer if you get me ? lol cheers for your time connor
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    hey all just thought id say hi. i currently race a 125 honda on short circuits but am in the process off selling it and going to go trialing. dont no to much about the bikes but im sure ill learn quick enough (maybe) lol. well thanks for reading this boring bita writing lol. cheers connor
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