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  1. How long until Donald Trump demands a copy of Osamas Death Certificate?
  2. Get a bicycle inner tube, cut it up into small peices to wrap around tools such as the tyre levers, bicycle pump, co2 bottles ect and strap them somewhere on the bike! Wrap something around the spare tube and have that on the seat area of the bike - makes a small area for you to sit too!
  3. Our TT's a quattro, brilliant drive train, so was the a4, epic in the snow... The tt however, light and on very wide wheels - utter *****, but fun I guess
  4. I'm not entirely sure, but from what I've heard, they're not in stock anywhere yet... If you don't want the Jitsie logo, Lewisportusa have similar ones in stock. They make them to your specs, with your colour, text, logo... anything. Second item on this page - http://www.lewisportusa.com/graphics.htm Regards, Jamie
  5. Had problems with mine a few months back - changed the seals, filled it up with oil and its back to working perfectly!
  6. Yeah, got two sets as they do get a little smelly with sweat, so if you're doing a whole weekend of riding or something simmilar, its handy to have the two Personally I think they made a huge difference, never had a blister using them... I find your hand grips them really well, and they move inside the gloves, so you're hands take much less abuse
  7. Surgical spirits on the hands, or urine, your call Twice a day for a week and they'll be tough as old boots. Grips - none, instead go to your sports shop and get some grip tape for tennis rackets, wrap it around your bars, over itself if you want it a bit thicker. For the palms, put your gloves on as normal, but with the 'palm savers' available from trialendurodirect.com Problem solved
  8. Thats more than likely exactly what it is - try just blocking up the hole in the tank, then set your mixture accordingly, as this will remove air from the lower acceleration band, causing your mix to go off slightly.
  9. Heat it up with a hairdryer or something - put some petrol in an old spray bottle, nick the wifes Mr Muscle bottles or something... Spray on, leave a few seconds and wipe off.
  10. shercoman2k8

    Oil Leek

    Now i'm freaked out - happened to me today aswell, exactly the same circumstances as first poster. First time I've ever seen this problem posted.
  11. shercoman2k8


    Right - now we know the problem - time to help you out Nick the brillo pads from the kitchen, hosepipe and these on the exhaust, frontpipe to rear silencer - scrub away - gets rid of any crap and brings up a nice shine, good for aesthetics... Get a big sticker and cover the welded patch in the silencer - this is where the exhausts rubbed through on the wheel... It's been fixed so cover it up to look better, just notify the buyer. Underneath - there will be a hole in the sump, drain bolt inside there, remove it and drain whats left of the gearbox oil - doesnt appear to be any in there, but always good to drain. Wipe the 'Swarf' of the plug and screw back in. Now, on the clutch cover (right hand side of the engine) there's an identical bolt, remove this and fill with 450ml of Dexron III ATF... Wipe the swarf of the plug and reinsert. Brake lever - replace this,
  12. shercoman2k8


    Doesnt appear to have gearbox oil in it either, considering the angle that the bike is leaning at, you'd normaly have a covered sight glass window! Bikes an 09 also, can tell this because of the tubular frame, dual map ignition, bolt through axle, Sachs shock and 09 plastics. Nicked possibly? Poor description, seems to want a quick sale too... Minor scratches? Frames worn to ****, and the exhausts been patched. Missing swingarm axle caps, has a snapped front brake lever and what appears to be a very rusty rear axle! Not to mention the squished radiator or anything. Perfect condition
  13. The likes of Bou wont use it, they're on four strokes
  14. Castrol TTS, its a synthetic version of Castrol R, smells simmilar too. Dont know of any castor based ones though.
  15. I'd say personally, either the Nissan Primestar, Vauxhall Vivaro or Renault traffic... This may be worth a read; http://www.trialscentral.com/forums/index....c=27531&hl=
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