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  1. Hello Sam i am just wondering did you ever get that Honda Finished,I would be interested in some parts for it if you have any.

                                                                      Regards Meboy

  2. Rare and hard to come by bike I would say harder to come by than a rtl maybe. I think he may lower the price by a quarter though he seems optimistic. Only if my 200 version was as valuable
  3. I'm sure I saw them at day of champions way back at doningtion they were good and played the piano naked while riding a riding. Very amusing.
  4. sam95

    what model fantic

    here we go i posted it for you
  5. this should work and if an when you come tumbling of ur fuel wont flow out of the tank but im sure you could get somthing a little cheaper cause as i remember it costed me 12 pound all together but oh well and i think it is either a 5 0r 6 mm tube i cant remember now
  6. cruel world but the only way i think you can stop it if you have a box trailer. and just to add in i had my garden fully emptied by some pikeys what cut down my next door neighbours trees . well it was a good job they didn't take my bike because i left it in the garden overnight covered up and the thieving scum even robbed the glass coasters of the table including the table and chairs and parasol then the night after the two trailers got locked up and stuff got put in the shed with the shed alarm. sam
  7. some enduro type ones are good(i have a pair of scott ones what are comfy but not to tight and not to lose. if you go to bike shows you can normaly pick'em up for about
  8. that bike looks tasty and the weel helps also shedworks is only up the road to me also could you post some pics of the bike when you are finished thanks
  9. sam95

    Honda TLM 260

    oh and here and i know its for a 240 tlm but some thinks are inter change able and it has similer values
  10. sam95

    Honda TLM 260

    i run my tlm at 50:1 and i think the gear box oil is sae 10-30 w motor oil i use morris i belive it to be 0.5L if just topping up and 0.6L if doing a engine rebuild but dont qout me on that it should say by the hole were u put the oil in. sorry but i havent got any idea what spakr plug it is as mine is a different cc to yours (200) hope this helps and any one can correct me if im wrong
  11. sam95

    spark plug?

    cheers i did have look at that site i must be going blind
  12. sam95

    spark plug?

    hi today i took out my spark plug to see if it was alrite and wasent fauling but i noticed it was a bp7es (ngk) spark plug and the manual recomends me to use b6es optinal is a b5es or b7es im am just wondering what the P stands for or is it just a change in the part number over time. thanks sam
  13. sam95

    Pre mix oil type

    yep u just dont need to mix it at high levels depending on the bike. alot of people mix theres at 50:1 right to 100:1 try 70:1 if its modernish bikesay 80s onwards
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