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  1. mudboy

    Bluetooth ECU

    I just fitted the ecu to my bike, I haven’t yet fiddled with it to much and I loved the original setup, but after a few settings I realised there are a world of tweaking that can be done to get your bike just the way you like it for the conditions and riding style.
  2. I have a 2015 J.Gas 300, very happy with the bike, apart from the clutch cover breaking at the same place every time. The hydraulic pressure seems to be to much for the wall thickness of the cover, and it pops this little ring of magnesium off every time. Is there a remedy for this or how can it be repaired?
  3. a Large percentage of the riders who do well, has ridden the SSDT a couple of times. The SSDT is very complex, and every year you learn more about the format and the sections. You ride your first SSDT, you are going to be surprised by the ferocity of the course, between sections and the difficulty of the sections. Some of the sections are big, and the average rider will have to preserve himself and ask for a five. I rode my first last year, I am back this year. Best trial in the world.
  4. After an agonising 9 month wait, I collected my bike from the airport last week. I was disappointed to see the formula front brakes and Dellorto carb, this was supposed to be the racing model. I have just climbed off my 2014 Gas Gas racing and was ready to hate this bike, problem is, this bike is a lot better....
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbDErgXSznY
  6. Felt my clutch on my 2014 300 racing, was a little hard, drained my oil and found this little surprise. split the cases and discovered the 2 halved needle roller bearings on the gear shaft has gone. This has happened on my 2012 300 racing as well, and at least 7 other Gas Gas riders around, one would think Gas Gas would have sorted this out by now. I was running Motul 300v gear oil.
  7. mudboy


    I am 1.90 tall, and after years resisting "ape hangers" went to the 5.0 Jitsie bars recently, it took time to get used to , but I think I like it. It is only 12.5mm.
  8. I have had a couple of racing 300's over the past couple of years, they are getting better every year. Brakteck brakes are good, auto stand rear calliper and back wheel mounting is big improvement. New radiator from 2013 has been a awesome.( although the fan used to jump off on high impact). No issues on the 2014 model though. Pity they don't have a dog bone protector like the new Evo's, And the swing arm play is a little to much for my liking.
  9. I have eventually, given up on my formula rear caliper and replaced it with a AJP. For some reason you always start the day without back breaks, squeaking its way through the sections, until on your last section of the day they are almost there. No amount of bleeding and tinkering help. R.I.P. you bastid! I like the levers and the clutch though.
  10. mudboy

    Race Or Raga

    The 2012 racing comes standard with the Reiger shock. The Keihin carb is probably the biggest difference from the pro to the racing and Raga.
  11. mudboy

    Ohlins Shock

    The Ohlins is a sweet shock but is far to exposed. I should just get the Jitsie protector. I have the 2012 racing now, I can see the dog bones are slightly different from last years model, here is my latest mod. Just a piece of rubber drilled and bolted down with the shock, probably wont last long.
  12. mudboy

    Ohlins Shock

    Of the 4 2012 Gas Gas racings in town, this has happened to all 4, I have replaced my shock, and use a bearing retaining loctite to keep it in place. Its a problem.
  13. Yes its coolant. They easily leak from the hose connections, the overflow from the rad cap or worst case a broken radiator or head.
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