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  1. Solved my problem in a different way, lol. Replacement!
  2. Any recommandations for a decal kit for a 2014 replica raga (30th edition) and how to get them on succesfully? The filterbox is rubbed. Can i sand this with fine paper or something?
  3. Sorry saw this only now. You get yourself a good measuring tool (caliper) and use the part underneath to rest on the fingers, and let the 'n point sit on the edge of the clutch basket. Should be around 17.5mm +-1 with a pack just below 10mm around 9.5 or 9.7ish. The fingerhight is the measure but pack thickness helps to get around the right fingerhight.
  4. If ktm would have influence on the release they would call it the gp22 in 2021 lol
  5. Anyone running (diy?) Covers for the link ystem of the suspension? Pictures?
  6. I wonder if its the weather in your country which makes it so hard to start. My 300's always start 2nd kick. Both with the older dellortho and with the keihin carb.
  7. Should the plate which is attached to the spring touch the inside bold? Or should it clear it?
  8. ok, lol, i see it on the picture now, there is a small hook on the holder.
  9. I smashed the holder of the sidestand of my gasgas trial 2014. I will let it off i think but want to repair it for if i want to sell the bike. I repaired the holder, it was bend on the inside near where the sidestand is, so the stand could not go ''down'' anymore. It is now in the correct shape again. But i am having trouble fitting it correctly. When i mount it, the spring does not seem to hold up the stand enough, it is like 5 to 10 cm below the swingarm/brake caliper, instead of touching the arm/brake disk protector like it should. The spring should mount on the rotation point of the stand right?
  10. crazybond700


    Anyone know the name or partnumber of the spacer which holds the plastic tanks on newer models? Not the bolt with breather but underneath it.
  11. Also remember not to turn the waterpump and crank. Also do assamble the cover when the bike is flat on its side.
  12. Yes, but after that and measuring the airgap, you pull up the innertube all the way and reassamble the top part or put it on when the innertube is not up all the way?
  13. Dont know why but i seem to have forgotten. 2014 tech fork. Last step you put the oil in, set the height. Put the cap on the inside rod. Than you pull up the innertube and connect the top, or leave it down and connect. The amount of air inside the fork should differ quite a bit
  14. Must say the make quite nice movies nowadays. Search on youtube beglium gp trials 26min highlights. My phone dont want to copy here in denmark.
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