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  1. Also remember not to turn the waterpump and crank. Also do assamble the cover when the bike is flat on its side.
  2. Yes, but after that and measuring the airgap, you pull up the innertube all the way and reassamble the top part or put it on when the innertube is not up all the way?
  3. crazybond700

    Fork hight

    Dont know why but i seem to have forgotten. 2014 tech fork. Last step you put the oil in, set the height. Put the cap on the inside rod. Than you pull up the innertube and connect the top, or leave it down and connect. The amount of air inside the fork should differ quite a bit
  4. Must say the make quite nice movies nowadays. Search on youtube beglium gp trials 26min highlights. My phone dont want to copy here in denmark.
  5. It was amazing. We had the motocards, so could follow the route with the bikes. What an amazing nonstops they created. Good balance between nature and rocks. Better than four years ago. Weather was hot but good. Honda had a bit of "luck' with the observers, but congratz to toni (again)
  6. In two weeks there is a GP in Belgium again. Anyone going, i am.
  7. I put in 350cc of 75w putoline light gear oil. Clutch is sensible to correct specs. Lots of info on this forum so wont go into this. Search for finger hight and pack thickness and you will find your way:)
  8. Anyone know the size? Mine is leeking. I can measure it in the weekend but if somebody knows i can ride this weekend
  9. Most often the waterpump will leak because of the seal and/or the shaft is worn. I would replace both. To check take the waterpump off, (first release the coolant by taking of one of the hoses). Then you can take off the ''gold'' bushing (be carefull with it). Also watch the small plastic washer on the shaft. Than you can carefully block the fan, and unscrew the shaft. Take the seal clip out, and you can remove the seal. Most often this shaft will get grouves in it and start leaking. There is a new type of pump available, or rebuild the old pump.
  10. Most often the metal parts come from the kickstarter gears. Problems with gearboxes (with gg) are solveable, however the question is wether you want to put the effort and money in. You can take it all appart, notice some small fragments missing on some gear, but will you buy a new one? The gg have a design of gearbox were gears are used in multiple gears, so one ''worn'' gear can cause noice in multiple gears. The sound can also come from one of the bearings of the gearbox. The conclusion is a little sound is ''normal'' most of the times, and if you want to solve it you have to exchange the parts, but a lot of bikes get old with a little sound. (disclaimer, we dont know your sound it could be something important).
  11. I would undo the tank and check the bracket underneath the tank/near the carb, check the bracket near the rearbrake. If those are ok you can try to bend it back in shape a bit but if it doesnt rub leave it as it is.
  12. The measurements are really really important. During the years I found out that it makes so much difference. The fingerhight is the crucial part. So make sure you get the pack size correct first, than adjust until fingerhight is correct, and it will be spot on.
  13. It seems to come from the overflow hose, but I still cant explain why it happens days later.
  14. I lose some coolant sometimes, the strange thing is I only find some coolant after some days. I dont see the bike daily but it is not there on the day of riding. I find a small bit of cooland on the bashplate and somethimes a few drops around the hoses. My thoughts first were that it came from the overflow tube from the cap, and a little too much was added and some came out when the release in the cap goes ;;off;; when it cools down. However it keeps happening. Anyone has a theory? No further problems during running or something.
  15. I think they call the ''dome'' or doming stickers/decals
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