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    Make sure there is enough free play on the leaver and be patient. Sometimes it takes a while. Best is to fill it from the bottom with a syringe, or use a vacuum system (if you have).
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    Guys please act normal, this does not solve anything.
    For the ts,

    Here your see a picture of the inside behind the kickstarter cover. The gear is quite short as you see, actually only 5 theeth that really do the job. Thats why you will have to press the kickstarter down until you feel the pressure. (The first movement of the kickstarter you are putting the gear forward, when the engine is running the half gear will fall behind the round gear, because the full round gear is spinning offcoarse.)
    If you kick the kickstarter to hard from the top you will beat the two parts into eachother very hard and thus killing it eventually.
    Put pressure on it first with your feet, than look if its high enough to be kickable, otherwise losen it again and redo the trick. (the 2nd picture shows the phase from where you can kick it without damaging it). The third one shoes damage to the round gear.
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