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  1. Can anyone tell me how much gear box oil you put in my 2015 Beta evo 250 for just an oil change, can't find the amount anywhere ! think its 550ml from dry but 450ml for a change ,can anybody confirm that please.
  2. Hi, just had the same problem with my 2012 GG 250, rebound adjuster on the forks made no difference full hard or soft, stripped them down tonight to find metal fragments in the shim stack holding the shims open ! also had metal bits in the brake fluids,this is a new bike with less than 20 hours on it, Having had Jap MX & road bikes all my life ( must have owned upwards of 40 bikes in my time, ) never have I seen such poor build quality & thats saying something having owned a KTM ! the Spanish biuld quality is crap ! not just GG but the Sherco I had was as bad !
  3. curt531

    Tyre Choice

    what he said, my experiance with IRC are not good,
  4. Hi Ray, your having all the same problems that I had with my sherco, never did get the carb to work right, only thing that did worked was to get a Gas Gas no help to you at all, sorry
  5. curt531

    2012 Formula

    Just changed the oil on my Formula brake & clutch system & they were very dirty, the bike has only done 5 hours from new, have heard stories of them coming from the factory with metal partickles in the oil from the maufacturing process, thats why I changed it but in all fairness there was no bits in mine, just very black oil.
  6. curt531

    2012 Formula

    The way the levers are designed means they only need one adjuster,when you see one in the flesh you will see why. They do work very well.
  7. curt531

    2012 Formula

    Mine has just blown the rear caliper seals on my third time on the bike yesterday from new, les than 5 hours riding Having said that, they worked great, just hope this isn't the shape of things to come !
  8. Hi mate, I also have a 250 txt pro 2005,I run mine on Putoline TT trials pro @ 80:1. thats 63 ml of oil to 5 litres of petrol. never had a problem , trials bike engines dont need the volume of oil in the petrol that a moto x engine does. 80:1 is what GasGas recommends.
  9. Hi, I have a txt pro 2005, clutch on mine was a little heavey compared to newer bikes. I fitted a 2006 bevel spring ( this is the clutch spring ) & it did make it lighter to pull in.
  10. Thanks for input guys,I'm not interested in a 4t, never rode one so not about to buy one, Montesa are way over priced, Rode a beta, don't like um.For me only interested in the Sherco or the GasGas,both have pro's & con's.My son has a 2005 GG txt pro, 7 years old & apart from wear & tear she still rides well,my Sherco has been very reliable in the time I've had it,I supose it's going to come down to which one looks the best to me
  11. OK guys , who has bought a new 2012 250cc Gas Gas or Sherco, I want to get one but unsure which one to go for, have a 2011 Sherco 290 at the moment but after 5 months of riding it I feel a 250 suits me better, not been able to blag a go on either model yet so I was wondering what the people who have them think of them, good or bad ? I am over 40 rider doing yellow route trials so no expert, I know a new bike wont make me a better rider but I do seem to spend too much time controlling the power rather than riding the bike if you know what I mean, your thoughts would be very welcome,
  12. Do you not use it now if it's in the garage ?
  13. As the title says, has anyone done it ? were the results worth it ? while my bike aint bad, it aint running as well as it could & i am sick of messing with the carb, your thoughts please.
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