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  1. The Scorpa is really really soft on delivery, easy to start and super reliable, its not powerful at all but for novice sections its pretty much perfect, won't loose any money either. The Mont has significantly more power but is also very popular with high build quality, at 1200 it would need to be very very good and need nothing spending on it at all IMHO. I'd recommend the scorpa, I started back on a sherco 290 (gulp) after a long lay off, then got a scorpa 125, much better for me and my results improved massively. I think a 200cc 4T scorpa would be my ideal bike.
  2. gronno

    Bike Weights

    For GG it looks like 67Kg across the board, may be the 300 being very slightly heavier 67.5kg ish, not much in it.
  3. Dont stress about getting a working horn lights etc for scruteneering, its a visual engine off check.... I rode it a couple of years ago, really enjoyed it found it very tough for me (poor clubman rider) you will need a helper to meet you out on the roads to fuel up.
  4. gronno

    Tyre Choice

    Thanks for the replies, I've gone for IRC if only for a change. Will keep a sharp eye on the tyre slippage issue, the supplier reconed it was a batch problem.
  5. gronno

    Tyre Choice

    Time for a new rear on the 225 Pro, I've used the usual X11 and its well past its due date, just wondered whether Its worth going for the X Light version at a 10er more? I ride badly on the clubman route, mostly in muddy woodland sections, very rarely rocks if that makes and difference. Thought about the IRC as theyre meant to be better in mud?? But apparently they wear quicker than the x11 and I'm quite tight.. Any opinions ?
  6. It sounds like you'll have to re-helicoil the barrel, if you've not done this before or are not familiar with the helicoil process I'd advise taking the barrel to an engineer to have it done. The Kits often come with the correct size drill for the special helicoil tap but not always, this has to be right! To drill and fit helicoils to all 6(?) holes in the barrel would take less than an hour for a decent engineer, once they are replaced they should never need doing again.
  7. The later bikes have a different spiral on the pawl shaft which is meant to engage the pawl and gear sooner, might be better but apparently not a complete fix.I agree, thousands of bikes have kick starters which don't appear to be as troublesome as the GG one.
  8. Likely to be kick start gear related chipped teeth on the pawl and its gear are very common, about a 100 quid in parts quite fiddly to do but OK if you are confident with the spanners. The whirring you hear will develop into a rumble which sounds terrible but disappears once the pawl and gear are changed, google it I think that Jim chap in USA has a video on youtube too. Can't say whether it is covered under warrantee you'd like to think so but I doubt it, try it and see.
  9. gronno

    225 kit

    Yes you will, there's a method somewhere on tinternet to measure the squish when you first assemble it so that the right thickness base gasket is selected, its worth doing properly. I'd definately go for the flywheel weight, most 225ers seem to go for two! You will need the flyweheel cover spacer as well if you do this, but again I think its worth it.
  10. gronno

    Sy age?

    I'm ging to look at a 2008 SY250 for a friend which I'm happy to do but not sure how to date the machine. Is there something on the '08's which I can ident it by? It's in a dealers and up for 2.2k which seems a bit heavy to me as well..
  11. My lad has a nice rev50 '04 model (4 speed manual clutch), does anyone know whether the 80cc barrel/piston/head is a staight swap? Thanks in advance for any info, G
  12. Tuning-have a look around for TTR125 tuning gear there's a lot of stuff out there, the wallet might over heat! I bet its a great bike, I had the scorpa 125 when I started out and it was ace, the same soft power in the GG chassis sounds ideal for wobbler level (me).
  13. 10/42 standard, but a lot of 200 riders seem to prefer the 9/42 option, your choice really, I'd go for the 9/42 myself.
  14. Looks like theres water in with the oil as well, I'm guessing a gasket/O ring has gone and coolant has pressurised the oil system and forced it out of the left hand crank case seal? Head gasket/O rings leaking, water ump leaking? Some one more knowledgable will be along shortly I'm sure.
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