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  1. Hi, I need a new master cylinder for my 2005 280 pro, Will any trials bike M/C fit and work ?
  2. So the Bolts in there now are M6. If I want to just re-tap and insert a new heli coil of the same size (to take the M6 bolt)what size kit will I need ?
  3. All the cylider head holes look like they have heli coil repairs in them..... Or is this how they come from the factory? As I have had the head off a few times of late three of the repairs look loose and will not torque up.... How should I proceed. Insert a new coil? Drill and re-tap the hole? What size is a repair for a M6?????? Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Okay, hooked up the 12V and the fan works fine....... Going to warm her up on the drive way and see what happens. Thanks for all the help fellas it is most appreciated.
  5. So how would you go about testing the thermostat? I hear that if you make the conection in the switch the fan will be on full time. Also that a little 9v battery will power the fan.
  6. I made a compression test and it showed 115psi on the gauge, not too bad so I started her up and she fired on the forth kick (new plug needed) I rode up and down the street a few times and all seems well, the fan did not come on though???????? So I guess I should test the thermostat? and the Fan.
  7. Okay its all back together, I guess I could do a compression test to see how the bore/rings are holding up. What do you think?
  8. The two plug pics are of different sides of the same plug. From what you guys are saying there are no marks what so ever permitted in the bore or on the piston.Right?
  9. The plating on the bore has to be harder than the piston or is it? Do you guys think the mark on the bore is meterial from the piston rather than removal of the plating? I am thinking that I could give it a rub with some scotchbrite ? I will try and post a picture later tonight. What will the torque setting be for the head bolts? Thanks,
  10. No I did not drain the carb or put any fresh premix in. Right the water pump is apart and there is a small tear in the seal (I can't imagine all the coolant getting through there as quick as that) Anyway the head if off, the O rings feel a bit hard and were stuck to the barrel top and did not come away in the grooves in the head. There are dropplets of coolant in the grooves in the head. There is a mark on the forward side of the barrel bore :-( How do you evaluate the need for a re-plate? I will order the full W/P overhaul kit(
  11. It was running really rought and making no power and I could feel it cutting out with zero throttle but it would run with a bit of gas on. when I shut the throttle it would stop after a second or so. The plug looks okay light brownish with a bit of white not the full white out I was expecting.
  12. Inner o-ring? so head off and have a look?
  13. Hello everyone, I have been reading for a few months and now I could do with a little help..... I have a Gasgas txt pro 280 2005. While out the other day the bike started to run rough and lost power then cut out :-( It was getting dark so I let it cool down then gave it a kick and it started and I managed to limp home :-) The next morning I went to take a look see and the gearbox is full of coolant :-( I think it could be the water pump seal but while I am okay with the tools I have never had a two stroke before and never done any work on them. I dropped the oil (and coolant) from the gearbox and took the water pump off, I have not stripped the water pump yet. Any Ideas ? What else could be amiss? Thanks,
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