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  1. Bultaco one works brill on mine - sorry for no replies - just dont get on here as often as I should Stu
  2. Heyup Taff4 Fitted an electronic ignition to my 320 and all points woes now gone - it works very well - managed to get another one working "over the fone" for a nice chap I met at a local trial will shortly be installing one onto a Jumbo - hope its as successful..!!! pm me if interested Stu
  3. jumbostu

    225 kit

    Hi Got a 225 kit (with kehein carb) to go on my sons 09 125 pro racing. Will I need a different base gasket? And is the flywheel weight a must have?? if so would like to know best place to buy the bits. (Cleveland) Thanks in advance. Stu
  4. Cheers wetfeet fine pics you got me on my old SWM :-) was a shame it was abandoned due to the river - the weather cost me a new tent as well!! still a brill weekend and wish I was still there.... Cheers Stu
  5. jumbostu

    SWM 240 1984

    ps my main riding SWM is an alloy swingarm 240 rides very nice tho handling needs tweaking Stu
  6. jumbostu

    SWM 240 1984

    That Jumbo is AWESOME!!!!!!! thanks for sharing Got a mate in US who has a similarly good conditon full blown 350 Jumbo that was hanging from a Hawaiin shop ceeling fro 25 yrs and I nearly bought it... Pics pls Dean!! Regards Stu
  7. jumbostu

    2 Wheel Drive SWM

    Class!! Whole new meaning to keepin the front end down :-) Remember this from T&MX 1981 ish?!? Would LOVE to know where the bike is now.... Cheers Stu
  8. Nice 1 Dean - mine sounding awesome now after yesterdays big one lapper test / practice sesh!!!! Best wishes Stu
  9. jumbostu

    Rear swinger

    Tighten until it doesnt stick and no play is present. Could be bushes are worn irregularly. Easy to make a new set with small lathe and a 14mm drill or Martin Matthews at motoswm could prob sell u some decent ones at a reasonable price... Stu
  10. jumbostu

    Flywheel Weight

    Some pics of my flywheel findings - with further mods this weekend Carb, timing and ignition "settings" bike now revs out much better and am liking the lighter weight much more than last time I rode with it. Was too stally and weak feeling. Am still going to make one with in between weight (I like the sound of Burgat recommendation of 800g? removed in a previous post I read) Grip is affected but nothing that throttle control and body engish shouldnt sort. Best wishes Stu
  11. jumbostu

    New Owner of Swm

    Very nice and original find well done! Hope you enjoy riding it!! welcome to team yellow Stu
  12. jumbostu

    Flywheel Weight

    Hi Must admit I would only mod my main riding SWM for reliabilty / maintenance reasons - really like to keep em as original as poss - and wouldnt dream of changing me "Bernie Jumbos" from their "standard works guise"!! Not that I wouldn't ride em in anger - far from it - just that they both STILL have broken kickstart shafts that MUST be fixed before next years Bill Pyes 3 day as I promised me mate Scrumpy that we both ride one each at this event.. Need to sort some motivation, space and
  13. jumbostu

    Flywheel Weight

    Hi The 320s are 276cc Flywheel I bought seemed to be a home engineering job tho hard to tell with passing of time. Is it the Dave Renham Bultaco kit slightly modified?? I thought about this but wasnt sure how to trigger signal from a std flywheel?? Would LOVE to lose my points Cheers Stu
  14. jumbostu

    Flywheel Weight

    Hi Good thread Not posted on here for yonks - but couldnt resist this one. I have lots of SWM bits but couldnt find any spare flywheels so I bought one from ebay with the idea of lightening it. Then my mate returned one of my spare flywheels that I had inadvertantly given him in a box of Gori bits. As soon as he handed it back to me I realised that it seemed VERY heavy! the last flywheel I had held was the ebay one.... Putting the 2 together I instantly realised that the one I had bought to lighten had already been done!!!! VERY strange indeed. It has had a couple of mil taken from both its diameter AND its face so is a fair bit lighter than STD. I rode the superb Cumberland County 2 day classic at the weekend and after a dothery Saturday decided to test me new flywheel on the Sunday WOW what an amazing difference - felt like riding a Fantic!!! LOL will endeavour to weigh it and compare to original next time I am in the garage. To be honest it was a little too whippy and seemed to rev out far too quickly - reckon a bit of re jetting and or exhaust work and it will feel more like a "340" Fantic (which isnt always a good thing) Best wishes Stu
  15. many thanks for your informative replies and pics - the start of an interesting journey i think... stu
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