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  1. Will a 2005 250 swing arm fit my 2004 270 ? Many thanks !
  2. OK, many thanks for the clarification. We can now complete the bottom end and make some progress !
  3. Thanks, I have seen that before and was confused that the leading edge of the disc was positioned at the start of the inlet aperture and not opposite the timing mark indicated ? What's all that about - am I missing something ?
  4. Just building our motor back up and wish to confirm the disc position at TDC. Any pictures or sketches or a description available, please ? Many thanks.
  5. Giddy after a few minutes, Huey and Ralph were standing by. Nice video and scenery.
  6. Ah yes, that was me in the mid '70's to mid '80's 'til our kids started arriving ! Having had my interest renewed by my son and an old twinshock, we went to a local trial. I came back in quite a confused state, I couldn't believe how complicated the sections were with so much choice - clubman .........expert routes etc ! The riders were doing all sorts of things which did not compute, from virtually lying on the ground stationary, stopping with their feet down. Non of whom were scoring a five. There was a lot of clever youngsters stopping and jumping/hopping with their feet up and then roaring up unbelievably slippery banks from a standstill, which was very impressive and way beyond anything I could ever have attempted in my younger days! The easier routes looked fine for my abilities on a twinshock back in the day. I was an expert in those simpler days and thoroughly enjoyed rubbing shoulders with the Rathmells and Lampkins at the odd national and British Championship round and riding or attempting the same sections and comparing you results with theirs, which could be quite humourous ! I watched the first video and stayed with it only for 5/6 minutes because I know that I couldn't ride such sections now or then. Whereas, I always had a belief that I could in my day. Although I would still allow stopping with feet up only, anything else must have forward movement. My other observation is that the new style bikes seem very awkward to paddle out of a section, I have a vivid memory of seeing Martin Lampkin plowing out of a section sitting firmly on the seat of his Bultaco once he had had three dabs in a muddy section. (St David's Trial I think).
  7. taff4

    My second tl 320 1982

    We (that's the Royal we - my Son) has spent quite a lot so far and we still have some way to go, I think we are up to
  8. taff4

    My second tl 320 1982

    I'll talk to you ! We are in the process of stripping the engine, can't get it to run. The small and big ends are gone, needs a rebore and it looks like someone has chiselled it apart at some point in its life ! I can't find anyone to do the rebuild, so have decided to buy some pullers and tools and have a go and would be interested to ask how you are going to deal with your two ?
  9. I agree, saw it in Telford yesterday. The quality of the components and construction was aircraft quality, it was certainly far ahead of the BETA, GAS GAS on show and the Montesa next to it. Is there are a top rider on it for this Country ?
  10. I'm guessing that it's a big secret
  11. taff4

    Swm Tl320

    Tube and rimlocks fitted fine after some swearing and sweating on this cold day in the garage. The tyre is made in Thailand and is quite stiff but will do for the moment. 'Not for road use' in the USA.
  12. I rushed that a bit ! The tube was the correct length and everything fitted perfectly. Thanks for the responses.
  13. taff4

    Swm Tl320

    There is a tubeless tyre on the rear - 'Vee Rubber - Trial Benissimo'- Made in USA. Never heard of this make but the question is; are there any problems running this with a tube and will standard rim locks work ? Many thanks.
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