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  1. Hi All, Anyone interested in swapping a bike for a 2013 Jotagas JT 250. After a Gas Gas ideally, but may consider others. Thanks.
  2. If anyone is thinking about getting new trials kit, personally, Raw Sports is the one to get! Raw Sports is made by Hebo, which everyone knows is good kit and Raw Sports have some great designs too! Had some Clice kit pervious to my new Raw Sports kit, and thought it was very cheaply made, ripped and broke easily and only lasted me 8 months. Has anyone else found this with Clice kit? Thanks
  3. I do not want Jotagas to 'fail'! Fairplay to them for bringing a new trials bike to the market. But hey, what happend to the Xispa? You don't see many Ossa's around...With a high price for the new Jotagas, and you could easily save yourself
  4. My new magazine arrived today, and was very interested to see what they had to say about the new JTG. The thing that interested me the most, was the price!! £5499 for a 250, £5549 280, £5575 300...It must some good trials bike to justify those prices! I didn't like the look of the JTG, and now the price has completley put me off. Best stick with the GasGas
  5. Thinking about possibly doing the Manx 2 Day this year, but my trials bike is not registered. How do I go about registering it? Cheers
  6. I couldn't seem to find any Rox Risers for a trials bike, it was just ATV snow mobiles. Do you know anywhere online that does them? Thanks for the info guys
  7. I'm 6 foot 5, and every trial I ride, it's becoming more of an issue...Do they really make a big difference? Will it be a big enough difference for me to notice? Thanks.
  8. I've recently installed the Khein carb to my GasGas, and it has made the world of difference! I also have the S3 high comp head (i only have all these bits on because I'm on a 125, weigh 14stone and 6 foot 5!)...It has good bottom end power and esepcially for me, made the bike lots more easier to ride and control.
  9. Thinking about getting a high compression s3 cylinder head, but i really don't know if this will benefit me. Has anyone got got one that could possibly tell me if you can tell a difference with it on, and is is worth the money etc. Thanks
  10. Cheers, looks lovely
  11. Hi All, Heard that the 2011 Raga GasGas is going to be black...anyone know anywhere where i can see some pics? Cheers
  12. Well I bet you're glad you didn't
  13. Does anyone know any decent trials school around? I have done a Steve Saunders training day, Dougie Lampking training day and was also very lucky to get out with Steve Colley in the Isle Of Man The Steve Saunders was a reasonable day out, however I found the Dougie Lampking training day not as good (as this is probably the fact that you have spent a day out riding with Dougie Lampkin, his Dad and James Dabill) Cheers
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