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  1. Recieved it on the weekend, Really good breakdown of everything to do with bike set up to balance, what gears; and the most common faults to look out for etc, just gotta put it all in to practice now , well worth the money...and worth a look...and cheaper than alot of the other dvd's out there at the moment
  2. Has anyone recieved the D.V.D????? I ordered mine about 20th dec at cost of approx 27euro's with post and packaging but still haven't recieved it yet, gonna phone them tomorrow and find out what's happening but it would be good to find out if anyone here in the uk or anywhere else has recieved one yet!!!!!
  3. Firstly..Like i said that i have only picked up the bike recently (last wk'end)and only rode it once so in regards to the kicking of the bike i think this was the issue with the previous owner hence the damage already caused before i got it,as it was slipping and not engageing with the cogs Secondly.... I gotta say that i spoke with Gas Gas UK and they were very helpfull about this issue as the bike comes with a 3month warranty then a further 3months on the parts which they were quite happy to uphold, UNFORTUNATLEY the bike was registered in Jan/Feb this yr so just outside the required timing to get this done through the warranty, So gonna get the parts and get it repaired so i get peace of mind and hopefully not cause anymore damage to the engine... Thanks for the input, much appreciated
  4. yeah thanks for that boys, gonna leave it in garage untill i get hold of GasGasUK tomorrow and see what they say about it and see if its covered under warranty???? hope so!! as i don't fancy having a huge repair bill and not being able to get out on it... yeah you would think that beings it's a new bike(well few months old) that GasGas would have sorted this issue( if it is a common fault!!!!) if there has been a problem with the kickstart gear related chipped teeth on the pawl wouldn't you ????? i'll post the response i get from GasGas tomorrow just incase anyone else has this issue or feel free to post a reply as the more common it is the better chance of getting this issue resolved. thanks
  5. just bought a 2011 gasser250 (i am the 2nd owner now)and changed the oil as always with new bike for peace of mind and found that both the filler plug and sump plug had alot of thin metal fillings on the magnetic tips of both plugs so i cleaned them off and put fresh oil in. i done my 1st trial on it sunday just gone and when i came home and cleaned the bike i checked the filler plug and yes....more iron fillings!!! i've listened to my mates engine and when you pull the clutch in and rev the bike it sounds good and clean but with mine i can hear a slight whine noise( sounds like the ram air noise you get from a road bike)???? i got told that this could either be the primary gear set or the kickstart cog/shaft???? is this a common factor with these bikes???? also it's only about 8-9months old but would or should this still be covered under gas gas warranty???? Any help would be appreciated apart from that the bike is really good, but i would rather get this sorted so i am not spending time off the bike and loads of money getting it stripped and repaired.... Thanks
  6. Yes your quite right ha ha, just had a look and my mistake they're down on an angle at about 20 past the hr, but worked for me.
  7. i left my bike for 3months when i had a car accident and a trick i learnt of a mate was that on the dellorto carbs there's a small tube that points upwards at an angle and just get a piece of small tube and blow down tube for a few seconds and it starts on at least 1st or 2nd kick; as previously i had tried kicking it over to no joy and like you said probably flooded it, also if left you'll probably find the clutch plates stick so remember to free it up before kicking over or you could end up starting up the bike and engaging gears and the bike will shoot forward and do some damage as i've heard this happen to a few people on the scene...
  8. shwmae bro, just noticed ur post bout neath, but just letting u know that the cars gone back in2 get stuff done so should get back next wk, so if so gonna give scotty a shout and prob go down taffs well if u fancy it, if i got car back, there's welsh champ trial in cwmbran sun, i'm goin 2 watch as my buttys ridin, details r on welshtrials.com

    laters bro


  9. Got an 08 sherco250 and was finding the same problem with bike, it seemed that when i was trying to turn a tight turn at low speed i only had to touch the throttle and if wheel was turned it would push through corners instead of riding them resulting in off balance and dropping silly points,so as only just started novice myself i got talking to a few riders and got advised to try a slow action throttle untill you learn to ride sections and control and balance,( all the things i need to learn..or that could be the cider the night before!!!!!) and did my first trial with it yesterday and it made riding alot more controlled and comfortable and found got better with it as trial went on....really enjoyed the day instead of getting annoyed at silly mistakes so i'd try that first and see how he gets on, as they say try 1 thing at a time and then fine tune.....
  10. yeah Jitsie's nice fit but wish they'd do something in regards to the material in the inner leg area that's supposed to protect the leg from the exhaust......spent £105. on this years Jitsie Bolt jeans and 1st time out caught it on exhaust, burnt a 3inch hole straight through and welded itself to my leg,( slight burn still in process of healing- month later) and that was only riding to the 1st section, hence i've taken them to be repaired with glass fibre(heatproof) mat'l and covered this with offcuts of old black denim jeans and thus adding extra protection on inner leg area and hopefully never burn through again, In the mean time i bought a 2'nd hand pair of Hebo's and they fit just as good(bit tighter- more skin hugging) but better padding aroung knee area and better inner leg protection against exhaust burns- can't say it's not gonna burn through but worn them for 2 trials and the odd ride out and still looking good....if your looking for baggy type the MSR are pretty good 2 i think they're more the enduro/mx type jeans and waterproof to.. I know what i'll be buying next time, but everybodys different
  11. Hi Copemech, Thanks very much for the Ryan Young Dvd, just came in the post today so didn't take long to arrive, gonna sit down and watch and study it now and hopefully pick up some tips etc. Just want to thank you for taking the time and trouble to help out fellow trials riders, it's much appreciated.If you ever need anything over here i can help you with just drop me an e-mail thanks again Slicks75
  12. Just changed fork seals on my bike(well 3 trials ago) and this is what i followed and it feels spot so i've copied it on for you to look at..... Below is an email from Ryan Young. Just make sure you get all the oil out of the cartrige side to get all the fresh oil in, and it didn't take 20 minutes, at most 5. There is a pdf file on Ryans' Sherco site containing this info, along with the other service files. The Ceriani forks are identical to the old Paioli except for the outer fork legs. Oil level on right leg: 60mm With forks at bottom Oil level on left leg: 110mm With forks at bottom and without spring Should be 370cc in right and 385cc in left.when doing this use the oil height measurements taken from the top of the forks with the forks at the bottom of there stroke and with the spring removed. The oil quantities are correct. The levels are correct. The problem is getting all the oil out of the fork on the cartridge side. You have to pump it for 20 minutes. Then when you put oil back in, pump for 20 minutes again, to get all the air out of the cartridge to verify level.
  13. hi ben, i got an 08 250 and on that it's up to left of bike: towards carb side is off, obviously down is on and towards the right side of the bike is the reserve, best double check as only had mine a few weeks.(thats what i was told when i bought it and it works ok 4 me), hope this helps. leif
  14. cheers for the reply, as i've managed to get hold of the importer who supplied the bike back in 08' and he said that the engine no should be where you said it should be which was where i did look but couldn't find it; but he said that the sherco's engine number is the same as the frame number as they come as a unit so managed to get it insured but he couldn't tell me why it wasn't there but it makes sense what u said about it being replaced.... i'll keep an eye on it, but it does seem a tight engine, like brand new so can't wait for the weekend and get some hours on it. thanks again
  15. slicks75

    sherco 250 208

    Hi, can anyone advise me on the following: i've just purchased a 2008 sherco 250, 3 days ago and when i brought it home i phoned insurance for off road use etc but found out it's got no' engine no'. i've looked at the certificate of newness (from well established dealer)and thats only got the frame no and engine no' is left blank?? it looks clean and tidy but without that i can not get insurance so i was wondering why there is no no' on the engine???? i've looked around it and its got a flat area at back of engine by the rear shock but no no' and can't seem to find 1 anywhere. would some1 know why there isn't any no' or where it could be if anywhere as nothing is visible, any help would be appreciated. thanks
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