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  1. I'm going on a trail ride this weekend, a little longer than normal. Needless to say I am worried about running out of gas. What containers make good take along gas cans? Thanks!
  2. Shoot! That would be awesome if someone near me had one. I know one guy, but he lives a good three hours away. Anyother ideas?
  3. I was wrangled into doing a presentation on trials at a day camp for kids. Its in a city park so there's nothing to ride on, but I figured I'd bring the bike, clothing, medals. Anyone have anyother ideas about things to bring or talk about? Maybe quick obstacle to set up and ride on?
  4. In my Raga I use 50% ethanol free premium, 50% race gas. With an 80:1 ratio using yamahlube 2r. Should work for your bike too.
  5. I'm looking for some pants, not necessarily trials specific, but comfortable to ride in and not motocross specific. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  6. I don't own one, but came across the Txt 50 on the Gas Gas website. It said the clutch was an automatic system with manual influence. What does this mean and how does this work? I'm curious. I remember my dad not wanting to get me started on the older 50's because of the lack of clutch and the bad habbits it would form.
  7. I'm wondering some of your guy's best ways to wash your bikes, and things to be careful of while washing. Thanks!
  8. Ha ha, sounds like a plan! i can't believe i've never thought of it
  9. Can't wait for the season to begin!

  10. Has anyone made any homemade obstacles? i am tired of riding the same old rocks and logs on my property, and would like something i could possibly move around the driveway to practice in the evenings.
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