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  1. I have red that some parts are in short supply! What parts are we looking at?
  2. Hi all, i jave been offered a txt250 today. 2002 model. Due they have any inherent problems? What do i look for? Whats the value? Good nick. Wkeels rebuilt Engine rebuilt but no receipts tyres good atb MPGR
  3. Hi all whats the value of a virtually mint TY175. Engine rebuilt. Powder coated ready to trial atb
  4. Slightly lost my way. Got a bit tedious waiting. Bought myself a Yamaha Tenere 1989 vintage. May keep may sell on. Still looking for a twinshock though
  5. Cripes, a fair few quid then. Usual thing though. I was told by an old mechanic. When looking to buy a car. Always look what its going to cost you to put right. Rarely do you buy without fault or bodge
  6. Looks like i am heading in the right direction then! Well maybe
  7. Hi all. I have been to look at a 1979 fantic twinshock 125cc. I have been told it has a Suzuki piston taking it to 175cc. Not sure if it was bored to accomadate. Is it a successful conversion atvb
  8. Enlighten me on the older mono issue. Looked at 4 last night One bit out of my price range but nice £1400 A 175cc with a Suzuki piston in!!!!!!!!!! Quite a nice bike but needed a tinkering with the carb One a 125cc but wouldnt tickover and a bit tatty The one i prefered was a mono, 212cc needed paint on the tank but rode nicely £100 difference between the 125 and the other two
  9. Graham knows the score. Are there any bikes that are a disastet or any with hard to get parts for? Off to see some Fantics tonight.
  10. Genteel. Like it. Thats me lol Right, my initial thoughts were to hark back to my youth. Ty's Fantics Bultaco twinshocks. I wentto see a guy who had 2 pre65's 4 fantics and a Montesa 315r.When looking at the price.I thought cripes betterto get something newer, farbetter value. Went to a trial Sunday and saw the spangly bikes and power rangers lol. Saw fred on his twin swith jeans anda sweatshirt and thought. More like it. Hopingto start with the dabbers. Just hoping by getting some advice to stop me buying a dodgy bike atb
  11. Hi all, getting all a bit muddled. Looking to get into trials after many year being a road biker. Started off thinking twinshock then something newer, after seeing what you get for your money!!! After going to a local trial near Ipswich i am thinking twinshock. I have been getting advice here and there. My dilema which is a common one is which bike! Like the Fantics till i was told last night about spares prices. Piston
  12. pludmugger

    Weight Of

    I have this thing called trials central on my phone, its where you get people who know about trials
  13. pludmugger

    Weight Of

    Hi all, what is the listed weight of a 2000 Montesa 250 please atb
  14. pludmugger

    Bike Weights

    Hi all, what is the difference in the weight of bikes between the cc's. I.e between a 125, 250 and a 300 Atb
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