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  1. Quick question.. never have done fork seals on this bike, but it's leaking very bad. I have the seals. On my KTM I needed a Fork seal driver, but these zokes look a lot simpler. Am I correct in thinking the seal doesn't need a driver like the KTM WP Forks? Looks like you can simply slip it off.. Sorry for the lame question, but wanted to make sure before I tear them down.
  2. markwoodlief

    300 factory

    enjoy. ;)..happy it went to a great home!!!!
  3. it's going to a guy that is on this thread too.. LOL ;).. but he's the right person for this bike without a doubt.
  4. The Ossa is leaving soon for a new home. A well deserved home at that!!!!!
  5. kick stand mount, kick starter, plastics, etc. Just a few things. I already bought 2 new gasgas bikes since I started this thread. I think this factory Ossa is headed to Lotus54. He knows these things well, and rightly deserves to own my bike. He just happens to have a Eurovan pimp wagon I've been eyeballing. ;)..
  6. I think it just energizes it, I don't hear any fuel pump when I hold the button down. Apparently Lotus54 has the trick to fix my bike up, but reality is, I just want to sell it at this point. The bike is decent when running, but the kicking, and lack of spares has soured me on the bike.
  7. this bike is being sold asap.. but I also think lotus54 had plugged into this bike when the previous owner had it. I'm done with the kicker, and not being able to find parts. Posted it for sale so I can pick up a new GasGas, my 13yo daughter starts her new gasgas with 1 kick cold or hot...
  8. after a day, it went back to 10 kicks cold.. Been riding off road for about 40 years, the only bike harder to start then this was a DR350 with a bad autodecompressor. :)...
  9. put a fresh AAA in it.. Now it's about a 3 kick cold, 1-2 kicks warm start, much improved! Now if I can convince my 16yo to get the hell off of it I can get some practice in.
  10. haven't tried to kick it over with a fresh AAA yet. Going to try that this afternoon after my morning con calls.. thanks for the tips Mark..
  11. idles good.. bike runs great.. its just the kicking that is killing the vibe.. kicked over a Montesa yesterday that had been sitting for 4 months, second kick cold.. made me really embarrassed when I went over to my bike and kicked it about 10 times before it started.
  12. much appreciate it.. anything I can bring to the event next month? Besides a case of your favorite beer for helping?
  13. so i'll go get a fresh AAA rechargeable just in case that's it, ;).. LOVE the bike.. but takes all the fun out of it when i'm exhausted from kicking it forever. ;)..
  14. is this bike super magical and needs a rechargeable? or do you think I could just put another AAA in there?
  15. anyone know if that AAA bettery needs to be a rechargeable type? I put a fresh AAA back in it, and it starts super easy, then thought maybe it needed to be rechargeable like what was originally in it, so put the original back in, now it takes like 12 kicks to start from cold.. ;(..
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