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  1. Hi , Just got e.mail from Banyeres but they can't supply price or stock situation but Andy at John Shirts told me today that they have had some pipes made so I have asked them to save me one , Cheers Nick
  2. Hi , Thanks for info I have just sent them an e.mail just waiting for a reply , Cheers Nick
  3. Hi, I have just been looking at a Titanium Front pipe and Carbon Fibre Leg Guard combo for Gas Gas Randonne on the Mitani Website , does anybody know of any Agents in the U.K. or an easier way of getting hold of one without dealing with Mitani direct,Cheers Nick
  4. Hi Raga , I have changed sprockets [ 10 @ 48 ] removed E.G.R. fitted fuel filter , earthed neutral and removed restrictor,would appreciate info on valve clearance, air filter box and needle adjustment mods , Nick
  5. Hi , Sorry for late reply and thanks for the ttr direction.Last Saturday I rode in a trial and gearing needed to be changed which I managed to do last night and I tried bike out tonight and the difference is amazing , I can use 2nd and 3rd now , still needs front pipe changing to help the bike breath tho. cheers Nick
  6. Hi , Picked up my new Gas Gas Randonne'three weeks ago and rode it yesterday in the Bumpy Novice and Beginners trial . Apart from the header pipe being one of the ugliest on the market i.e. cat , mid box and leg guard , I love the little bike . The gearing needs altering and it feels as though it really needs to breath a lot better , any ideas on tuning anybody? Cheers Nick
  7. How fickle we old riders are , after three years of restoring and one and a half years of riding and worrying about the 350 gasser it is up for sale because I have just bough a new gas gas TX 125 Randonne , it was the proper seat and electric start and the price that made me do it!
  8. would it be a Pete Ruscoe sample by anychance ? Look forward to the heads up, Cheers Nick
  9. As I said it's a 1989 325 gas gas so I will presume you won't need me , hope you have a great day and I look forward to the artical , Nick
  10. so if I can sort it would you be interested in my bike on Friday, Nick
  11. Hi, Only just read your topic , I have a 1990 gas gas aire 325 and would be really interested but friday is a work day so big problems , is the 10th a definite ? Nick
  12. Unable to move footpegs "AL the Spanner" welded new ones on for me and they are set up brilliant for trials which is more important than my aching thighs and arms.Thank's for your comments and advice, Nick
  13. The bike is dual use and is modified for long distance work by adding a seat from a pit bike ,a 12 toothed front sprocket and a half litre metal drinks bottle fixed to the top of the fork downtube as a fuel reserve ,I also run an O'Ring chain .Would rolling the bars back towards my body allow me to stand more upright for the long distance stuff ?
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