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  1. I have done about 3 trials on it, at intermediate club level. it went well, big bike! But like you I do not want to go messing it up or hacking the frame etc. Mine had wider footrest mounts from standard, so modern style footrests can just bolt on. For yours, I know bikes like the RTL Hondas had the same mounts, theres someone on ebay doing some trick billet f/rests that would fit your bike. You can get them - it's just having a look for them.
  2. I have an MH 349 and like yours, it is in extremely nice condition and original. I didn't want to go modifying it, so heres a list of what I have done to mine; * Fitted 360mm length rear shocks * Dropped the yokes down the forks by 10mm * Fitted some modern hebo footrests for better grip * IRC tubed rear tyre * Mounted the condensor under the fuel tank, next to the coil * Raised the handlebars by 20mm * Fitted new venhill cables all round * Replaced the slide in the carb, as the Amal slides wear * Cleaned out the exhaust <- important one! Maintenance wise; * Fill clutch and gearbox with some thick grade oil - improves the action of the clutch and shifts silky smooth * Regularly lube cables with duck oil or similar * Grease lever pivots - make sure dust covers are fitted * All the regular checks with any bike Enjoy it, you got yourself a nice one there.
  3. Thank you both for your replies, and thanks Tayld for your email. Should be able to sort it now!!
  4. Hi I am rebuilding a Montesa 348 MRR and I need to fit a killbutton. I have been sent a Yam type, with 2 crimp spade connectors. Can someone please explain how to fit one of these? The bike has the original Motoplat points system - There are 4 wires; the black connects to the coil, the 3 remaining are green, yellow and pink. I understand it will need to be earthed somewhere. Secondly, I found a thread a while back suggesting to move the condensor under the fuel tank. I have been searching for it a can not find it again. If anyone has done this I would like some more details please. Much appreciated, Thank you!!
  5. jools

    Honda TLM 260

    Thanks for your reply! So 50:1 I make that 100ml oil to 5 litres of fuel (I'm no good at ratios!). Sounds about right. No problem about the spark plug I'll make some calls. Thanks for the link aswell!!
  6. jools

    Honda TLM 260

    Hi there! I have a few questions regarding the TLM 260R; 1) Could someone please advise what Fuel/oil pre mix ratio should be? 2) The recommended gear-box oil and the correct volume? 3) The correct spark plug type? Answers to these would be a huge help! Thanks very much.
  7. Haha! Well, there you go! My lack of knowledge of the Spanish culture!! Backs up the saying ' If it seems too good to be true, it probably is'.
  8. Heres one for the 4rt knockers and conspiracy theorists; "We offer an exclusive first and only image that exists until the bike to replace the current Honda Montesa Cota 4RT, known in Japan as Honda RTL. The surprise was unveiled a Japanese magazine, of which we have achieved this zoomable image. Although at first glance seems to be no major changes, in fact if you look you will see that the bike is new. Has a new chassis, smaller, with a beam of much smaller section and reinforced with a endiduras in the center for reinforcement. The engine is the new generation of CRF models of "cross" latest model, with a displacement of 300cc and new exhaust. It also incorporates a new Showa rear shock, new plastic fenders, new reservoir without a hump like that used in the official Bikes, and many other innovations, is that almost everything except the wheels and the fork has a new bill. You can enlarge the photo by clicking on it to enlarge" Can be seen on todotrial; 2011 RTL Honda
  9. Hi, going round in circles with this one. I have an MH 349 and it is mint apart from the tank needs a little 'refresh'. I tried the sticker set that available on eblag and within a couple of days it had blistered and bubbled. This indicated the tank is some what porous. We have been trying to find out if any paint would be suitable - as it looks painted/printed originally - and thought the cellulose (sp) type would be most suitable. However, we just phoned a company and the guy said it would bubble and peel off. We're back to square one again. To clarify, the MH 349 had the orange/red seat and tank unit, with 3 white flashes down the side, plus the MH circle logo at the front. It is just the white flashes I want to tidy up for now. Anybody got any suggestions on methods/types of paint/materials etc.? Many Thanks!!
  10. Hi Thanks for your replies! jimbo349 - Thanks very much for looking up the jet sizes for me, very helpful! Tayld - You have given me a lot to go on! I did a search on this site yesterday for 349 topics and couldn't find anything. Today I found most of the topics you have replied to by doing a search through google.... Strange! all helpful stuff, Thank you very much for your advice! I will double check the correct jetting. I have ditched the Mikuni carb in favour of the Amal to keep things simple. I have a feeling it is getting too much air. Will get to the bottom of it! Thanks for now.....!
  11. Thank you both for your helpful feedback! jimbo349 - If you could comfirm the jets for me that would be excellent! woody - Yes I understand the Amal carbs are pretty good. I realized the choke position is different, as this was the first thought that occured to me. The carb is in fine nick. I dont think the bike has had a lot of use! Thanks for the tip aswell with the clutch oil. I just wanted to confirm the correct jetting before I start going a bit deeper into other things! I checked the plug and it seemed near enough perfect colour. Thanks again!
  12. Hi! I recently got a Mont MH 349 - 1985, stunning condition, however I have had a go on it and found that its possibly running way too rich, it's fluffy and with a bit of white smoke. It has the Standard Amal Carb on it, however I do have a Mikuni for it. A few questions; 1. Would it be possible for someone to confirm what jets should be in the amal carb? *EDIT* the jets in my Amal Carb are pilot ~ 30; Main ~ 145; Slide ~ 35; Needle ~ ? (was in the middle setting of 3) 2. I got the bike with the Mikuni carb on it, it tick over and revs out with this carb on it, but when its under load - ie. just setting off in 1st gear - it starts to die, like fuel starvation. Are these carbs, if correctly set up supposed to be better than the Amal? *EDIT* Jets in the mikuni are pilot ~ 35; Main ~ 130 (do have a 135 & 140 in the kit; slide ~ 2.5. 3. What fuel mixture is correct for these? I believe its 100ml to 5 litres of petrol? 4. Finally, the corrct amount of gear box oil amount? What type works best? It has a standard airfilter in it which is perfect. There are no restrictions on the air side. The engine sounds sweet so I know it hasn't been thrashed! If anybody could help me with this it would be much appreciated! Thanks for now!
  13. jools

    Rear Mudguard

    Phone Birkett's or one of his dealers. '05 model will have a white mudguard which are considerably cheaper than the later painted blue. If your not too fussed, it may be worth putting a wanted ad on the classifieds for one! Someone will have a spare knocking around.
  14. Sounds like water in the flywheel. If you do not have a puller, start the bike with the flywheel cover off and let the water evaporate. Goodluck!
  15. This is what I used for mine and it worked very well! Machine Mart Balance puller Be carefull how far you insert the bolts into the flywheel, Theres a helpful link on the scorpa hell team website that tells you this exactly, but cant find the link sorry! (Its a page about setting the timing)
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