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  1. hello, i need a new main jet for my 05 sy250. its a TK carb. i cant seem to find one anywhere on the web. can anybody point me in the right direction? thanks
  2. iaing94

    Rear Mudguard

    hi, i went to my first trial meeting today, i didnt do terribly well but i thoroughly enjoyed myself. my bike is an '05 Scorpa SY250, its great and i love it, but unfortunately the rear mudguard has cracked and broke and came off. i cant seem to find another one anywhere on the internet, can anyone point me in the right direction?
  3. thanks guys, the problem with the car idea is that all the cars around my house are diesels haha. i think will just have to throw it away, i have only had my bike for a week or two and i really dont want to seize up the engine already. i might try the first idea though
  4. sorry if this is in the wrong place in the garage i have a big jerrycan full of petrol, and i do not know if it is just petrol or if it has been mixed to make 2 stroke stuff. being a big can of very expensive petrol, i do not want to waste its content or break my bike. does anyone know of a test i could use to find out if it has been mixed 40 to 1? apart from it having a slight tinge because that isnt so obvious. thanks
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