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  1. My RS200 is very sensible to the air adjusting screw position, I have fitted Takeawa air and idle screws to adjust them by hand during the day, I had to learn how to adjust the air screw correctly, now that i'm fully trained, the bike runs like a dream. I fitted new jets as the carb was gummy inside and played with different sizes, 105 and 38 where the best. Needle best position is 3erd (middle) I would never have imagined the air screw setting to be that relevant.
  2. Antonio

    TRS e-start

    Standard battery chargers should not be used on Lithium batteries, this is what I had been advised from a Lithium battery manufacturer, the technology is different and only chargers specially designed for them should be used. Lithium batteries do not loose charge over time, unless something is connected to them, like a clock... Etc., which is not the case on the TRS. MI Husqvarna enduro bike has sat unused for a full year without using it, i cleaned the bike and started normally prior to delivery to the new owner as i just only do trial right nowadays, just unbelievable! Things change!
  3. Antonio

    TRS Oil Fuel Ratio

    This is 1% mixture, I have used during the last 10 years an oil mixture of 65 cc on 8 litres which is 0,8%, I know people that go as low as 0,4% succesfully, I would not recommend that low to anyone as it is difficult to measure specially on a 5 litres can. Just a comment on how good systhetic 2 stroke oils are nowadays.
  4. Antonio

    TRS in California

    http://trsmotosusa.com/ They will know.
  5. http://www.bultacoclassic.com/wiseco-piston-sizes-350cc-363503603701.html For USA people, first class Bultaco spares.
  6. Antonio

    Kick start

    The Gas Gas and the TRS needs a "fast kick", you have to find the best way for you to make it go with a fast kick. For me that way is with the left leg paralel to the bike, for others it mai be another position, any is good as long as it moving rapidly. The 4rt is the opposite, it needs a slow kick. Personally I prefer the TRS for easy start, as I'm used to the procedure. Just my experience.
  7. I would not manipulate the cam chain in any way, this chain goes at very high speed, a closed by the manufacturer unit is best. The price of cam chains is low, try with an xl185 chain, I have an unintalled one for my RS200 T if you need to know anything. Regards
  8. Antonio


    This is how it comes from the factori, the Hemblosh resonator is fine tuned to different frecuencies, best to leave it as it was made for maximum engine smoothness, some people "destroy" the internals for stronger response, the wrong way in my opinion as I tested both systems in my bike/s and I have to admit that Bultaco new how to do it. Just my 2 cents...
  9. I tried to print it but I could not do it with the enough resolution, may be some one with better abilities can do it and share it. Regards Antonio
  10. https://www.retrotrials.com/8203owners-manual-and-parts-book-for-honda-tl-200-r-ii-rs200t--rs220t--rs250t.html
  11. Visit retrotrials.com and you will find a very usefull "owners manual and service parts" with every thing you need, is a copy of the original RSC remade by HRC, so covers the different series made.
  12. I can't tell you the exact details as I don't remember how they exactly do it, they did many units with different weights for Adam Raga to test, which he did, as reserch, they can build almost any weight for you. I ask if it was possible for the ES model and the answer was no possible as there is the no space. You can contact Albert at Non Stop Shop Bikes, Tona, Spain for the service or details. He speaks excellent English.
  13. I have a 250, with 800gr. extra, i love the rsponse!
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