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  1. The 250's are the softer and most progressive bikes, specially the ONE model with Dell orto carbureter, trade the 280, you will not regret.
  2. Antonio

    Clutch noise?

    All Gas Gas and TRS rattle, i believe it has to do with the primary gears, they are straight cut, if they were helicoidal they would not make noise but straight cut gears can be thinner, lighter and almost unbreakable. TRS has the most reliable clutch/primary assembly, we just need to learn to live with the noise.
  3. The Joresa is not as it use to be, today the company importa Chinese product of bad quality, it is a big problem as there is not a quality chain available, this is probably the reason why In motion does not have the chain available. Gentlemen I think we have a big problem! Regards
  4. The Diagram shows the brake pedal being pushed, so your sensor is the correct one. Excuse my English as I am Spanish Regards
  5. If you fit the brake light the original way, remember that is the Green cable that goes to the resistor and the brake filament of the light. The green cable comes from the spark coil not the lamps coil, surprisingly, is like if the bike was having 3 coils, this way there is more power available for the electrical system. A Diagram to help to understand the connections is of great help.
  6. Antonio

    Electric start

    I don't know. These are the pictures i have
  7. Antonio

    New X-Track One

    I have just come to know that the electric start can be fitted to any TRS trial's motorcycle as a. mod. , this info was taken from the official TRS dealer in my area here in Spain, I don't know if this is the case for other countries. Regards
  8. I have a One model 250,from the first year units, I tested the 300 and is has a stronger pull but not brutal at all. If you are afraid... I would suggest to test a 125, you may be surprised how easy is to control it off idle if your experience is not high, a friend that rides with me comes with a Fantic 240, (is 212 cc), I recommended to him to get a modern 250 and he bought a gas gas, fantastic bike, he never got user to it, the bike reacted to fast for him so after 6 months he sold it and went back to the Fantic, last winter, we push him to test a very special bike, with lots of work on it, it was again a Gas Gas but 125, we kept secret it was a 125, he tested the bike a full morning and love it.! I choose 250 on all bikes I have bough during the last 25 years, it is the best blend of softness and performance for my level riding.
  9. Antonio


    Hello, I live in Matadepera in Barcelona area, very few problems from TRS bikes I know of, i had a problem and it was immediately solved under warranty, TRS is having a great prestige for Quality, assistance and warranty, the 20 - 30 users I know are very happy. I know that Jordi Tarrés is personally involved in the warranty management and is giving the maximum, so I am sure that any problems would be solved from their side. He speaks English very well, please call him and you will have a solution. I don't understand a situation like this one not being solved immediately, Jordi and his team are doing a great job, call him and it will be the end of this nightmare.
  10. I have a 250 standard, i had a gas gas betor, here is my comaprison: The TRS has a planted front, smoother throtle response and incredibly efective brakes. The GG has stronguer side stand suport and starts easyer. The confidence i gained with the TRS has inproved my level very much. Great bike!!
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