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    Original matching numbers RS200T. It’s the later model with box section aluminium swinging arm and aluminium bash plate. I’ve kept it cosmetically exactly as I got it from Japan, but it’s a well sorted bike. Only approx 700 of these machines were made straight out of Honda’s competition department (RSC which became HRC), so it is a real piece of trials history. Engine – 67mm big fin barrel and piston fitted (originally 197cc, now 205cc), cylinder head professionally gas flowed, triple angle valve seats machined and TLR200 carb fitted. These mods transformed the bike. Much more torque, revs out better and no Honda cough. New cam bearings and rebuilt with a new DID timing chain, chain tensioners, valve springs and gaskets. Exhaust – Japanese after market stainless steel “Wako” exhaust Forks – Chrome is all really good. Magical fork springs fitted and new fork seals. Frame – Unmodified apart from the 4RT foot peg hangers which I’ve fitted together with modern foot pegs. The hangers are bolted to the original foot peg lugs on the frame so it’s a completely reversible mod. Rear shocks – Betor aluminium gas shocks Fuel Tank – Beautiful original aluminium tank hand made in Japan by Honda RSC. Recent Maintenance – Two rides ago it had new engine and fork oil, wheel bearings, greased the yoke bearings, new 520 chain and sprockets All original shocks, carb and other bits go with the bike. Any questions just pm me or call 07400 024309.

    4,850.00 GBP

  2. That is the coolest wedding pic I have ever seen
  3. Is there anybody out there who has an owners manual which they would be happy to sell or copy for me?? Thanks in advance.
  4. I've just got a low mileage RS200T from Japan. It hadn't run in years. It's very original and has had little use. It's fitted with a 22mm Keihin carb which is marked PC UG7. - I've fitted a NGK D6ES plug, gapped at 26 thou - Set both valves at 2.5 thou (it was In 2 thou and Ex 5 thou). - Checked the ignition timing, was spot on. - Checked the centrifal advance which is free and working fine - Fitted a new carb float and set it at 21mm - I've stripped and cleaned the carb, soaking it in carb cleaner and blow it out several times, it's clean as a whistle The carb was fitted with a 38 pilot jet and 105 main. The needle was set on the second groove (from the top) and the air screw was set at 1 turn. I put the carb back together with the settings as I got it, and it ran very rich. It would start from cold with no choke and the plug was really sooty. With the existing needle and jets, I've found it runs best with the needle clip on No. 1 groove (leanest), and the air screw somewhere between 1.25 and 1.5 turns. I've done a plug chop from max revs under load and the plug looks fine. It's still a bit sooty at low revs when ploking about but any weaker and it seems to run quite hot. It's quite torquey off the bottom (no sign of any Honda cough), but there is a bit of a flat spot about a quarter way up the revs and it is generally feels a bit flat and lifeless as you rev it. If I hadn't checked the ignition advance I would have said it felt retarded. Have any of you guys any experience with setting up one of these bikes?
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