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  1. Ty mono clutch casing

    jimyam...can you get it welded?
  2. Tiger Cub Modified Gearbox Cover

    I'm with Stan on this....can't see any advantage with the cut down case....just seems like a lot of work for no gain and not so good looking in my oppinion too.
  3. Honda Tlr200 Restoration.

    sorry Mike, photo bucket sabotaged my photo's
  4. TY175 - Phase 1 tested!

    I agree....what a stunning bike
  5. Throttle cables

    it only needs one more inch. that's what all the girls say Turbo.....
  6. no cut. change the head angle for TLR200/250

    not sure that's right Allan......but either way, cutting the frame is WAAAAAAYYYyyyyyy cheeper than parallel trees.
  7. Kevlar Clutch Plates

    know what your saying nigel....but if you get the motors working properly, then a decent clutch is worth the effort.
  8. Midland classic trial(Stathams farm 5/11/17

    Nice pics...is that Statham's Quarry in Matlock?
  9. Steepening the steering head angle - TLR 200

    didn't lengthen my swinger, but know some folks do as the front end does lift easyly on steep climbs. I don't have a problem with that as I move my body around to compensate, depends on your riding style.
  10. Steepening the steering head angle - TLR 200

    nice job on the pegs there. what I did with my rake angle, was cut the top tube and mildly heat the down tube to the front of the motor, just bellow the bottom steering bearing. Did it all with the wheels still mounted, and pulled the front wheel in with a ratchet tie down strap between the front and rear wheels. Just pulled it back till it looked right, about 6mm gap ( may be 7mm) in top tube was about 25ish mm at the wheel base. Then just fill in the top tube with 1.5 or 2 mm plate. Keep the ratchet strap between the wheels while welding to help stop the top tube shrinking as you weld, as it will pull your wheel base out again very slightly.
  11. Steepening the steering head angle - TLR 200

    big mike.....sorry about the pictures, they were on photobucket who have now held them to ransom.....not just me but lots of their users. so i need to find a new picture host before I can repost them on here.
  12. opinion

    Never riden a Fantic....but seen lots in action, and folks say how good they are. SOOOooo, I would say if you can pick one up at a reasonable price, then go for it.
  13. '86-'87 TLR200 REFLEX carb switch, what size?

    Yes I already modified the pipe and fitted a pod filter. I had a load of pictures on here....but then Photo bucket started wanting payment so they killed my pictures.....and a lot of other peoples too.
  14. '86-'87 TLR200 REFLEX carb switch, what size?

    Well I went OKO 24 on my TLR200......and it is a bit of an animal in the low to mid range....realy grunty ( but I like it). If you want something a bit calmer, then another carbie might suit you better.
  15. Advice needed on TY175 purchase

    Nice standard looking TY....but the price is a bit 'out there'