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  1. real Seeley, or a very well done copy
  2. i had some from inmotion for my TLR200 Honda, and they were perfect, brilliant price too.
  3. Sorted, gave it a good soak with CRC and then wacked it in the lefty loosy direction, spun out nicely.
  4. Hi everyone, just wondering about the bearing retainer with the peg spanner holes.....is it normal right hand thread or left hand? As the holes for the pegs is only 1/8 inch, don't want to be smacking things the wrong direction, and at the moment it not movnig in either direction. Thanks foe any advice.
  5. Hi folks, broke my ty175 front hub at the weekend. The brake plte says magnesiun on it, is the hub also mag or aluminium. Cheers, just wodering if it would be weldable.
  6. I was talking to someone yesterday about TLM stuff and they reccon there's an outfit in Japan that has parts. Can't remember name of it though sorry, should have wrote it down.
  7. proberbly about 400mm with 50 pound springs
  8. is the little O ring around the main jet in the fuel bowl perished?
  9. Ok, just to update you all, got a XR100/CRF100F cable. So slightly shorter than TLR, crosses in front of the number plate instead of straight up and 90 degrees across to the lever, works great.
  10. thank you mcman, confirms what I heard, as the xr100 and CRF100 use a very similar cable.
  11. Thanks Tim, again only available from UK.
  12. Hey folks, just wondering if there are any other front brake cables which would fit the TLR200. I heared somewhere that CRF100F may fit and as it's a modernish bike might be a whole lot easyer to get here in N.Z. otherwise it's getting a propper one from Pommy land.
  13. Well thanks to Charlies advice fitted new sprocket with 53mm od seal and looks good. Made a special nut and locking screws as standard nut fouls the chain.
  14. crackin pictures, thanks for sharing
  15. Mmmmm, interesting Charlie. no 2mm spacer behind the sprocket so may be why it snagged the seal.Just looking at the sprocket...if the shoulder the seal lip runs on was 40mm, would the 520 chain rub on it, looks very close even with the 37mm I have. Saying all that i am hopefully getting a new 11 tooth sprocket as this one is toast, but need a seal that will fit what ever size it turns out to be. Old bikes aye, so much has been done both good and bad over the years, they certainty tell a story!!!
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