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  1. I fitted the stiffer front and back spring on my evo..... MUCH better.... Under £100 for both so cant complain. I went the full stiff front and 20% stiffer rear....... Thought it might have been too much, but its fine....
  2. myzeneye

    Rev 80 Rear Brake

    Mat got a piston seal kit from haven last week, took a few weeks to turn up but he got them in the end..... Give him a buzz....
  3. myzeneye

    Rev 80 Rear Brake

    No, the whole bikes knackered now nelly, but cos I'm a decent mate ill take the bike off you for 50 quid. (My God I'm a good mate)......
  4. I have the same gloves but not the winter version, ill take a look at them Thanks
  5. Cured it! Took tyre off rim, cleaned it all up to death...... In the absence of sikaflex I used some high temp flue sealant I had over from a job..... I made a little spreader tool from plastic milk bottle, basically a kind if t shape that sat on the rims where the bead sits but allowed a small section to drop into the space where the rim band sits..... I kept it at a death of around 4mm above the rim band, daubed in the red silicone and them smoothed it off to an even level right the way round the wheel. Took a few passes to get it smooth and even in a best attempt to not affect the wheel balance..... Left it to cure and refitted the tyre. Used a yo eye header to refit the tyre, and I've got to say they are worth every penny. It has held perfect pressure for 3-4 days now.... Hopefully it will hold up as a permanent cure.
  6. I like the sound of the heated bar element hobbies, but doesn't the cable interfere with the throttle twist ?
  7. Man it's cold up in them hills..... My regular riding gloves are nice and thin for a good feel on clutch break and throttle, but...... They're c c c cold!!! Can anyone recommend something a little thicker or better suited to this weather...... But not to thick so's I can't feel things? My right hands got a few hinges instead of knuckles after a decent road bike crash so I feel the cold like bloody tooth ache in me bones.....
  8. I'm suddenly compelled to buy a red gas gas ??? Two of them? Oh, and a big red bonnet for a vw beetle ?
  9. I can't get the photos the right way up? Never mind the bikes usually upside down anyway!
  10. DONE IT !!!!!!!!! did first on dry.........no no no no no no. Don't do that. Listen to the wise tc folk. Ripped old stickers off, easy. Removed glue with solvent spray and white spirit. Removed white spirit residue by giving the plastics a double good fairy liquid sesh in the bath! (She doesn't know;) ) Dried off by radiator. Sprayed mild soapy water on plastic and sticker back, lined up squeezed out water with credit card.... Then applied heat with hair drier and rubbed outwards with thumbs. Took a while but looks great. I wil TRY to get a picture up..... Don't hold your breath tho! Thumbs are killin now....hahaha Thanks for the advice guys....
  11. Aaaaahhhh...... My first bike when i were a lad were one of them
  12. Hi folks.... Just changed the front and back tyre on my bike...... Front (tubed) is fine, but rear is leaking air through the spokes. I don't fancy fitting a new rim band as I understand their a pig to fit.... And too be honest, I don't fancy removing the tyre again to bead silicone/sikaflex or the like as I've just (foolishly) fitted some nice rim tapes...... I went to halfords earlier today to see if any of this "slime" or goop stuff would do the job...... But on reading the label I understood it that the goo would be flung out to the tyre tread itself centrifugally, but I don't think any would manage to run itself around the actual wheel rim ? Has anyone used this stuff for leaking spokes ? Is there a technic for running it round the rim band? Anyone had success ? Also, this happened last time I changed a back tyre..... And in the end, I fitted a Heaney duty michellin tube. Are their any great advantages or disadvantages of fitting an inner tube ? Thanks folks.....
  13. Thanks for the advice.... I've watched a fe utubes but can't find any doing it wet ? Any one got any links?
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