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  1. Ive used atf in mine for ages it rides fine Do you think there would be any problem using castrol gtx 10/40 in the engine
  2. i love mine i had a 250 evo before and i find the mont easier to ride
  3. as above i have a doblo its ugly but when your in it you cant see the front end it will feel quite a come down from the company passat
  4. me too huge calves forma boots have a bit more room tried the hebos useless
  5. im after a car that i can put mt trials bike into a wheelchair access doblo seems perfect a ramp lowered floor 2 seats in the rear for the wife and kids when they come to observe now for the spanner in the works i have a budget of 2500 cant have a trailer or rack where i live im surrounded by pikeys thanks for any help you may be able to give
  6. thats a shame ive beem looking for a wheelchair access doblo with 2 rear seats in my budget very hard to find thanks for your help
  7. can anyone tell me if a bike will fit in a doblo car with only the small rear seat folded down the reason i ask is that my wife and 2 kids come to some trials with me to observe thanks
  8. i went from a beta evo 250 to a 05 4rt and love it i dont use much throttle and the mont is a pussy cat
  9. nelly1

    Overheating 315

    i would think the same waterpump
  10. as above 70 to 1 id clean out your exhaust too it will be in a bad way if the plug is anything to go by
  11. i deliver 14 sofas a day that will do
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