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  1. Hi the names Bob I'm in Somerset England , I was helping a mate at work build a bsa bantam trials bike in the workshop I finished up buying the bike taking it home and finished it off over the next few months ( about a year ago ). Bike sat in the garage looking pretty but unused until about a month ago I decided it was now or never I had to start trialing. Dropped myself in the deep end a bit, I took the bike to a local MX practice track to see if it all worked ok for a few hours mostly riding off track amongst the trees etc, any way apart from a few minor problems all went well , so the next week (nov 18th) I entered my first trial with no proper practice , just watched lots of videos. They let me do the beginners route (white route do as much as you can as long as you go through the gates). It was amazing , I probably pushed myself to hard but it was the best fun ever , lost count of how many times I came off, managed 3 of the 4 laps but ran out of time. The people were all friendly and full of helpful advice and encouragement. I had lots of problems with the clutch dragging and water in the front brake ,spent the next two weeks fettling the bike then did my second trial last weekend ,did the first 10 sections (white route) on the second lap came off between 6&7 and snapped off the brake lever so had to retire I was gutted . still its all sorted and ready for the next trial, cant wait, I really need to find a place to practice doing figure of 8s and balancing practice on the lawn and drive at the moment. I really should have done all this years ago I was 60 back in july. will post a pic off the bike when I work out how.
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