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  1. 75 years old ' 2 hart attacks plus 3 mini strokes but still having a go with 2 ty175s
  2. My s/Miller high boy has not one only the no put on by department of transport when it was registered, but I can just make out one didget on the headstock.
  3. johnboy999

    Yamaha majesty

    Hi , can anyone tell me how many 250cc majesty's Mick Andrews and John Shirt converted also how many 320cc were done just a rough idea would do . Thanks & Happy new year to you all.
  4. Sorted , He away from 8oct for around 3 weeks.
  5. That's the number I have tried for 3 weeks but now his mailbox full, Thanks Bill.
  6. Do anyone know if John has moved his business from Manchester as I am unable to contact him, Thanks
  7. johnboy999

    Ty Gearing

    Basil cheers mate .
  8. johnboy999

    Ty Gearing

    Thanks guys for your Imput ,don't get me wrong most of the time it will be just running locally on a Sunday ride out and not very often , I am not going on motorways but occasionally on A roads, I have no intention of thrashing my bike , just wanted the best info on sprocket size so I am not over revving it. Cheers
  9. johnboy999

    Ty Gearing

    Ps it's a 1978 been in uk since new.
  10. johnboy999

    Ty Gearing

    Hi all , this is my other TY 175 which I want to put on road its mot tax insured but find I am unable to keep up with other traffic on A roads 60 mph so I put a 15 teeth sprocket on front this made a different but not enough , I am not a Speed merchant but don't want to be a hazard to other users so I put a 42 tooth on back and seemed brill but it won't pull in 6 gearbo should I put the original sprocket back on front , has anyone had experience with this that can help me please, also do the carbureter need any adjustment after changing sprockets Thankyou.
  11. Well done to all involved ?
  12. Hi Oxboy, thanks mate for your imput, I met Sammy Miller and he was most unhelpful almost wish I had not met him!! Back in the late 50s & 60s he was my idol with his Ariels but you would think he could be more helpful on identifying his frames, Best of luck with your bike, Cheers
  13. Thanks Guys for your imput , I contacted SMiller and gave him the frame No but that was the number dvla issued it with when it was registered and that Number meant nothing to him so he thought it was not one of his !!! So your thoughts are one of his so that's good enough for me. Thanks all for your help.
  14. Thanks Spen I did not see them Doh!!!! Will have a peep Thanks.
  15. Now I am even more confused!!! What do you think guys ? Thanks .
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