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  1. I have just tried this on a 350 Alpina, i had no issues with mine. From what you describe you would have the same issue if you used a standard ball race bearing.
  2. I think that's a bit unfair, okay whatever generation you are it is never easy to justify throwing away money on a luxury item but Chris does make some good points. I am in the older demographic and welll exposed to mechanical shenanigans when i was young, times have changed. I would be doing stuff like bleeding car brakes and changing plugs at primary school age. That seldom happens now, if you are not exposed to mechanical items you are not likely to develop an interest. During the lockdown i have actually been wondering if i really want to continue competing, progress for me is really slow. Having said that i am buiding a Bultaco right now, i may do as Chris indicated and ride twinshock, i may carry on riding my modern or i may just give up completely. Time will tell.
  3. I noticed that earlier today. Looks sweet and original.Good luck
  4. I am not on Facebook and have no intention of joining. I know of several people that have left in recent months. I do actually find it frustrating that many clubs choose to update in Facebook and not update their websites. I come on here intermittently and it is an excellent resource. Having ridden badly for a number of years i am not really in a position to comment on techniques and such like but do take in comments more knowledgable members make. I do like to work on my bikes though and the depth of knowedge has been invaluable. (Woody i am especially looking at you).
  5. Just dug it out, it does have a rustic look.
  6. I might have a spare resistor from an Alpina. I will have to have a look but if you are stuck let me know and i will dig it out.
  7. Funnily enough started making myself an alloy tank to fit inside kit campeon cover this afternoon. Never made a tank before. So far so good, though it has caused me a few headaches drawing it.
  8. Thanks for the info WT, is that a Model 6?
  9. I have been looking at this for a while as i have been considering building a track bike with a 370 motor i have in pieces. Still trying to decide whether to commit though. I had come to the same conclusion regarding the rear hub and losing the kickstart but the sprocket would still be very close to the ignition rotor cover. I notice AJR in Spain have larger front sprockets for the TSS. Would you know if these have the same 25mm splines?
  10. Bing carb floats are quite prone to failing, becoming heavy over time. Could it be this as i would suspect it would be more likely to show up at low revs?The floats are the same as used in BMW CV type Bings.
  11. A couple here in case of interest https://moto-classic.com/bikes-for-sale/
  12. Ahh yes found it, looks like all the difficult to get parts are all there.I am not sure that there was a massive difference between any of the 5 speeds in terms of performance or reliabilty. I am sure somebody here would be better qualified to judge. The motors are all in a low state of tune so differences are marginal. Whatever you buy it will cost you more than you anticipate to bring upto scratch! Or at least thats my experience. Useful link to model differences https://www.motoguapa.com/BULTACO/ArxiusBultaco1.html
  13. Lee, there are a couple of Alpinas on ebay at the moment neither of which are 350. The one in Ireland is listed as a 166 but it deffinately is not, much earlier frame, might even be a Sherpa, and is also 250. The 137 looks nice but unless it has had an engine change should be a 250. I have a part built 137 and an almost finished 188 (77). The 137 frame is very light, my only concern would be the fibreglass tank and most likely if the bike has stoop for any length of time it will need new main bearings. Not especially difficult to do but no doubt the parts list will accumulate as you pull it apart. Another thing to be wary of are the brake drums, the drums faces are chrome plated aluminium and eventually the chrome wears through resulting in having to strip the wheels and have someone fit new iron liners which adds a lot of cost.
  14. This is the BMW part number for the float i just purchased. BMW M/Cycle BING Carburetor FLOAT 1311125476 seems to be the same part as you have listed, the carb i used it on was a Bing 84 (number should be stamped on the carb body) and fitted 350 Bultaco Alpina, i cant remember if it was 26 or 28mm.
  15. Just bought a float listed for BMW myself.The seller was on ebay but looks as though mine was the last one as they are no longer listing it. Looks the same as you have shown and fits fine in Bultaco Bing 84 or whatever it is. From memory the Bing part number is 300 or 301.
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