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  1. Hi I'm in the process of restoring a 198 t 1978 . I've been offerd a swing arm for it . The arm has a chain oiler drip screw in it my question is was this Pacific to the year of bike or were they an optional add on extra at the time ?
  2. Hi just wonderd if anyone would know where to get a front disc cover for my ty mono .it's had the 80s shirty convertion at some stage .
  3. After nearing the end of a lockdown rebuild on my ty mono I presumed replacing the tattered original seat would be as easy as clicking a button .How wrong I was .. after looking at a few options and wanting keep it original anyone have a clue what a good condition one fetches these days when they come up for sale ?
  4. Thanks Steve are the ohlins shocks ready to go out the box with the heavyweight spring on them ?
  5. That's a great idea and can see that would work just fine. we talking maybe 5mm or more ?suposse it's trial and error pardon the pun.
  6. ? not sure I'm ready for pre 45 just yet .life's hard enough with out giving up on the suspension. ?
  7. No not blown but its just not up to having me on its back. .At least I know now they were built for lighter riders than me . Got me old bultaco that's keen to get out and play so not the end of the world till I get a replacement for it ?.
  8. I've been reliably informed there not made to come apart? . 'll tell the kids tonight xmas is cancelled dads got a boxing day trial and needs a new shock ??
  9. Or weld on some twin shocks for half the price and upset a few?
  10. Hi I've had my ty 250r mono for a while now and has Been a very capable machine for my needs . The only problem I have is the mono shock spring unit is to soft and it bottoms out and the chain grinds . It's on the max setting for rebound . I'm 17 st so might be the fact I'm riding it or may need a replacement? At 360 quid for a new one any ideas welcome cheers stu
  11. Hi there I don't really rate wd40 for a job such as that. I would only use plus gas spray best stuff I've used . A good soak in that and as has been said .good pre heat on the aluminium away from stud area .you won't hurt it as melt point is 700 deg c for most automotive aluminum . Hope this helps
  12. Thanks for that very good info I'm toying with idea for a cafe road racer project I've been thinking of doing for some time now .A metralla engine would be first choice but rarity and price of engines is a no go. so looking for an alternative bultco engine that could be geared for good road use .
  13. Hi does any one have an idea of the top speed standard of these 70s 250cc machines. originally a flat tracker and I think used in go karts Thanks stu
  14. Thanks for that Steve very interesting ,what's confused me is it's road registerd as a 1978 bike and both engine and frame are matching to that year . Who knows what checkerd pasts there bikes have. .
  15. Hi there just wanted to check on a bultaco I've recently finished is it as claimed a 1978 machine ? Stamped rm 198 .The stamping looks like it was done by a 5 year old but understand this may be normal .? Thanks ?
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