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  1. Well that’s an E in a circle so I guess I’m good to go . Thanks .
  2. I looked up the E2 on this enduro tyre that I intend to fit to the rear of my Alpina . It looks like it’s road legal in France . Is it legal in UK ?
  3. Thanks for that 👍fully re assured , I’ll go ahead and get it rebuilt. It was only when I wiped the drum out properly after polishing up the outer that I spotted the two areas that were close to the inner edge .I was going to buy spokes from inmotion and re spoke it , then I found out that spokes weren’t available for the 140 mm hub .
  4. Do you know of hubs in the same condition as mine lasting a few years ?
  5. A close examination of my front hub shows the chrome off in a couple of places . Not having come across chroming brake hubs ,I wondered how bad are these patches ? How long will the rest of the lining last ? Strangely, the rear brake has a steel liner .
  6. Went through a litre of acetone and it was still coming out brown . The tank must have been left with two stroke mix for years and it’s evaporated leaving the oil . I think another litre and it will be clean enough to coat .
  7. So, Woody while your here , what about tyres . The Alpina had mx tyres supplied from new, and I have a pair of Michelin enduro tyres going spare . If I can register it as a 1974 , will I-need to get an mot before registration ? Ifnot I can use the enduro tyres . Had a bit of a heated discussion when getting my PE first tested due to the enduro tyres that were fitted .
  8. If you want to bypass all electrikery , after setting the points , stick a fag paper between the points , it will pull out/ fall out when the points just start to open .
  9. Thanks 👍 I was repairing my 116 tank when it suddenly occurred to me that I might not be able to road register it when I’ve finished the restoration with the original tank .
  10. What’s the current status of the GRO tanks fitted as standard to Bultacos , OK for road use in the UK ?
  11. Looking at the cost of importing the alloy nipples , it’s not cost effective. With vat and maybe unexpected demands for money by the UK post office , I can see a set of nipples costing £50 . I can get new spokes and nipples in imperial size from inmotion for £80 delivered . Just left with a set of m3.5 stainless spokes.
  12. As always a comprehensive explanation , thank’s for taking the time . Is there a way of telling the year of manufacture from the engine no ?
  13. I was going interested in your description of your 116 Alpina as a 325 cc so I measured the stroke on my 116 and found it is 64 mm giving me 347 cc . I see from the spec sheet in my manual that there are 326 cc Alpinas with a stroke of 60 mm . When did the change occur and was production of the two different strokes at the same time ?
  14. I can get m3.5 nipples in plated brass from Sweden . Trouble is the minimum UPS delivery is £17 . The spokes cost £18 for 36 . On top our rotten customs and post office are going to want to extort further . might be worthwhile if the delivery cost was spread among a few people in UK .
  15. 20% vat , plus import duty plus the post office wanting their cut for collecting the duty , usually £8 upwards . First thing you know when ordering from abroad is a note from the post office ransoming your parcel .
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