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  1. Well DVLA decided that letters from Suzuki UK and Crooks Suzuki ,dating the bike as 1982 aren't acceptable so I now have a dating cert from VJMC on the way and I'm £30 lighter . Suppose I'll get there in the end .
  2. Hi Mark Shelved the Bullie project for now , engrossed in my PE , boy it shifts for a 175 . Got a nova registration ,took three weeks, posted all relevant photo copies ,V55/5 and a cheque for £98 ,just awaiting DVLA now ,hope I got it right . Lee
  3. Hi Mark . Just an update on DVLA . On with registering a Suzuki PE 175 project and what has come to light is that you will need a nova and you will have to get an application form from HMRI by phoning 03002003700 and stating to the automaton that you need a NOVA application . It doesn't work online due to being set up for imported vehicles so the program won't advance if your answer to it's questions don't fit in . When you speak to a human , ask for the form to be posted to your address .Fill it in with letter explain what exactly your needing .
  4. Could you explain how you went about it , which form you filled please .
  5. Been looking at the V55.5, a lot of the boxes to fill in relate to cars ,power to weight ,carbon emissions ect . Do I just fill in NA to everything that I can't fill in or leave blank ?
  6. That's interesting ,only problem ,is that a Q plate will be issued ,just been looking at DVLA website .
  7. Thanks for the replies , your saying it's MX based but why has it got passenger footrests ? Does that not point to it being a trail bike and not a serious enduro . I can't find any engine specs on the web ,unlike Bultaco which seems to be very well documented . I have been getting a bit disillusioned in my search for a Bultaco project due to quite high prices for bikes that need a lot of parts /work so this Montesa seemed reasonable . Got to ask ,how is the parts situation for Montesa ,are they generally cheaper but is that because they aren't as good a Bultaco . I read an American review which said they were heavy and not particularly nice handling ,the same piece was particularly scathing of the king Scorpion trail bike and I wonder if the bike in the pic is closer to the King Scorpion than the Cappra .
  8. O.K. Mick , I'm on it just now will message you when I get a reply from the chap who skims the hubs . Lee
  9. Hi folks ,been asking loads of questions from the Bultaco enthusiasts about Alpina models . I was looking for a project but in the mean time this came up ,I think it's an M54 250 from around 1974 , and I am tempted . I had a Cota , 40 years ago ,bought as a box of bits and assembled, seemed a decent bike at the time . What can you tell me from the photo , has it got the correct bits on it ,I have been looking at google images and every one seems slightly different . Is the power output 19 bhp ? so really a trial bike like the Alpina ? Anything I should be cautious about ? All advise appreciated
  10. Hi Ross ./ Yes I had a look just now ,is it the first Bill Beverage , the one who went to school in Rawtenstall ?
  11. Hi Mick . Never did find who it was that could re line hubs , you could message b40 and ask . if you do find out , would you let me know please . Lee
  12. Thanks for your post , yours looks good , I’m still looking , the Matador I was interested in has a much earlier engine fitted , given that it’s way overpriced . Lee
  13. A further confusion , I have the chance of a 250 Matador ,big silencer on the left ,looks like a Mk 4 . Any problems , are components Sherpa or frontera ? are they more valuable than the Alpina generally ? Thanks
  14. Spoke to them , both the bikes are sold but I have registered my interest and hoping the next consignment from Spain has something of interest .
  15. I have a fairly good idea what I'm looking for now , a later (1976 onward ) Alpina ,thanks for the input .I decided on a later model to keep my gearchange on the left ,just got to find a suitable bike to restore now .
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