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    Hi bought quad in 2001 from showroom new for disabled child. Unfortunately for me was scared of it I rode it a dozen times to show him it was fine wouldn't have any of it so stored with blankets and quilt. Took out in 2010 as was curious if would run bought battery and started smoking when running most probably old fuel and oil need changing switched off after 5 mins and recovered till today. Noticed a crack in plastic and graphic design lifted up on tank and needs glueing down. Have the receipt of sale, 2 keys ,Manuel, original tool bag ,under seat.Most LT80 are rough and this was only used a dozen times as took wheels off to show Axel I wish to swap for Pursang project or if very good with cash on top.Don't want cash for it want a Pursang to ride before my legs go from age. If can not find one will cover and restore and try at Xmas Thanks


  2. W J Smith Hi Sir The Frontera just needs Mudguards spraying to same colour as tank and will look good.
  3. Hi thanks for heads up already spoke to bloke wants 200 for delivery as he is coming from Ireland so total 1400 and that is even if he has the correct exhaust no one seen it.Talking to a seller he has a Pursang 200 mark 6 just missing proper seat and air box but it's matching numbers so going to see if can do a deal as am hoping my 175 is close for spare parts but have no Manuel parts list if not just keep looking I have a mark 5 frame and buying parts for it when see them come up.
  4. Hi update no first letter just M then numbers in Photo above just assumed letter was cut off in picture but NO.I really hate guessing but could it be a Go Kart 250 model 55 as on production list numbers start 501 018 i dont know .Thanks
  5. Hi engine is not mine so that's why covered number just trying to find out what it is curiosity as can not see on model chart or production Thanks
  6. Hi looking at a Bultaco engine similar to this ( Image ) the first letter is ? don't know then M-50129#-D-5 hidden last number with hash tag any help in recognition Thank you
  7. Hi something ? Then M_501###_D_5 hidden last 3 numbers looks like a Alpine model for reference square barrel looked on chart and 50 el bandido 350 and not that so could it be a go cart i have a go cart European 110 but has more 0 in it.You gentleman have more knowledge than me Thank you
  8. Hi Thank you i have a add on this site Petrol bikes for sale he could message me on that.
  9. Hi thanks unfortunately not had to relearn i forgot through time went back to books ,manuels ,web and this site helped me a lot.Anyway Foolishly i was holding out hoping Brexit would happen and with so much gloom and doom on TV when we leave i should be able to pick up a few cheap Pursangs.Did i get that wrong and with price hike on Bultaco even worse off.There is one on E site a Frontera as seller sent me pictures a few months ago but to expensive at the time.I thought i could find a few Pursang engines for one of my exhausts but sadly not.Was going to try and see if could swap a 199A in bits for a Pursang project as it is in crates but never bothered as got cash just not enough for a rebuilt Pursang.So will keep looking for engines and full bikes to buy
  10. Hi I have been searching the North West for a while for a Pursang and only see ones what have been restored.I was hoping should not take long was i so wrong.You can pick up Sherpas but not Motocross.Seen them for sale in Europe on line cheaper than hear some of them.Can not even find a Pursang engine to buy unless ship from states.Dont surppose any sellers left what sell Pursang bikes or engines in the North.Just had surgery on both eyes so can not run about.Checked HH classic they have none did bid on a Pursang a mark 12 ages ago they said bid 50 quid as in bits i thought staff after it so bid 900 should have bid 1500 .Checked some other sites but need to be well off to buy If you hear anyone selling please message as got cash and wont buy any other motocross its Pursang or nothing as only got Pursang parts Thanks
  11. Old man

    Bultaco engine

    I bought it cheap thinking someone will have a Pursang project put on ebay.But looks like no one parting with there Pursangs.
  12. Old man

    Bultaco engine

    Thanks for replies just curious how many built.Need a frame for it and parts still for engine as do love the sound of a Pursang
  13. Old man

    Bultaco engine

    Looked on production list can not find out how many built.Any help please
  14. I would love a Astro but seems every year two steps back from bike.My older brother was a motorcycle mechanic he thought i was reckless hit the corners to fast and bought me a sherpa trials for fifty quid in 80s and my sliding days wear over but he was correct i was reckless then
  15. I was looking at the Pursang model list to get as close to the Astro and modify for road use a few years ago.I was a bit worried about what it would look like and what bad reactions copying a Astro.The cost always comes in the Astro so expensive the Pursang depends on model and condition.Then parts list to modify not cheap prices going up.But there seems no end for brexit and getting older so might gamble and and get a cheap non runner pursang as the cost to modify will bite less than buying a Astro
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