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    Hi looking for a Pursang project or runner or non runner have cash or could trade have 3 sherpa projects or a Suzuki lt 80 bought new 1400 was used a dozen times then covered and left since 2004 perfect for kids .Message me what you have and price Thanks


  2. Old man

    Bultaco engine

    I bought it cheap thinking someone will have a Pursang project put on ebay.But looks like no one parting with there Pursangs.
  3. Old man

    Bultaco engine

    Thanks for replies just curious how many built.Need a frame for it and parts still for engine as do love the sound of a Pursang
  4. Old man

    Bultaco engine

    Looked on production list can not find out how many built.Any help please
  5. Old man

    Bultaco Astro.History lesson needed

    I would love a Astro but seems every year two steps back from bike.My older brother was a motorcycle mechanic he thought i was reckless hit the corners to fast and bought me a sherpa trials for fifty quid in 80s and my sliding days wear over but he was correct i was reckless then
  6. Old man

    Bultaco Astro.History lesson needed

    I was looking at the Pursang model list to get as close to the Astro and modify for road use a few years ago.I was a bit worried about what it would look like and what bad reactions copying a Astro.The cost always comes in the Astro so expensive the Pursang depends on model and condition.Then parts list to modify not cheap prices going up.But there seems no end for brexit and getting older so might gamble and and get a cheap non runner pursang as the cost to modify will bite less than buying a Astro
  7. Old man

    Bultaco Astro.History lesson needed

    Found one on youtube called Bultaco Astro de Romero con juan Bulto looks Beautiful i really want one now so lets hope brexit gets done and sterling gets stronger more dollar for the pound
  8. Old man

    Bultaco Astro.History lesson needed

    Thanks for replys Seems like the Americans and Canadians got the most also not that many built looking at production list.Been trying to do research but not much on way of answers
  9. Can not find much on why we never got Astros in UK been after one for a while but price rise and sterling pounds got worse against the dollar because of brexit.The Astro and pursang 360 are they same engine.Biggest guestion thoe why no one bought one and put on road as local run around.Been on youtube only seen on race tracks no American seen on road with them.Thanks
  10. Old man

    Trial Front wheel

    Hi they do look weird the wheel was a spare the original is missing 2 spokes walking past scrap yard tomorrow and will see if he has 2 spokes. Most of time cleaning of rust or soaking parts in spirits to get oil and crap of threads and lots of polishing getting tired with weather getting colder.
  11. Old man

    Bultaco headlight

    Hi when open there are clips on opposite sides when unclasp should bulb and innards come straight out leaving glass and bowl.Never done one so don't want to damage and putting back together same way I suppose.Been looking for other people who done this and other electric work on Bultacos as better to watch and learn before attempting.
  12. Old man

    Trial Front wheel

    Hi brake drum is 125 the brake shoes I binned wear gone one had a deep crack running down middle and other shoe not that good.I bought these shoes of eBay a while ago as bloke said he had them done Villiers service linings.
  13. Old man

    Trial Front wheel

    The brake shoes went in bin after took photos yesterday as they wear down to metal.The hub is bad this was a spare wheel the original is missing 2 spokes so need to get some.I bought some shoes awhile ago as one shoe is broken and need replacing.
  14. Old man

    Trial Front wheel

    Thankyou to all just did not look right to other wheels with those rims pointing up.Found akront stamped in rim hidden under dirt but nothing else
  15. Old man

    Trial Front wheel

    Hi don't see any marking the other wheels don't have the rims up turned and have dome in middle.Has Motorcross on tyre but that means nothing as tyres change.