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  1. My 315 started overheating a few weeks ago. So I pulled it down, thinking it was a head gasket problem. While I had it stripped I fitted new rings. Despite the new head gasket it is still overheating. Beginning to think it may be a water pump issue! Any ideas as to the cause would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. tikka65

    Zero Kickstart

    Hi, how big a job is it to replace the kickstart return spring on a 1990 Zero? Thanks in advance.
  3. tikka65

    What Year Please

    Hi tried to pm you my email address. But got message saying ' this member cannot receive any more messages' Maybe your mailbox is full or something.
  4. tikka65

    What Year Please

    Wiring diagram would be good, Thanks
  5. tikka65

    What Year Please

    Thanks guy's. Now to hunt for the parts needed for the refurb.
  6. tikka65

    What Year Please

    Had this brought to me to give it a going over. I'm guessing about 1990, but I'm no Beta expert. What does anyone elser think.
  7. As a former patient of the Air Ambulance, can I urge you all to sign this e petition. Which is asking the government to return the v.a.t that the service pay on fuel. This would help the service carry on their excellent work. Hope the link works ok. https://submissions.epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/29349 Thank you
  8. Can anyone supply a drawing or picture of the clutch operating rod on the model 10. Been onto Bultaco UK without success. Engine/gearbox unit is now rebuilt. Just short of the rod and the screwed plug that gives access to adjust the clutch. Any help at all most welcome. Thanks Tikka65
  9. tikka65

    Carb Help

    Will leave it as it is. Thanks for the prompt reply. Much appreciated. Tommy
  10. tikka65

    Carb Help

    Took the carb off my 315 to give it a good clean out. On doing so I noticed that the pipe connecting the 2 breathers either side of the top of the carb appeared to have been warn through at the bottom of it's loop. On looking in the manual it looks as though this is not wear but could be as it was fitted. Is this a balance pipe or merely a breather. In other words do I need to replace with a new piece of pipe or leave as is? Thanks Tommy
  11. Just returned from the North West 200 tonight. So just seen your replies guy's. Thanks a lot much appreciated.
  12. A friend of mine is renovating a Model 10. The bike has obviously been abused in the past. Can anyone please supply a picture of the rear brake lever attachment to the frame, as the bodge that is fitted at the moment never came from the factory. Thanks
  13. Hi Sam, I use a rawbolt masonary fixing ( Expanding bolt type ). Get one that is a nice fit into the inner of the bearing. Tighten it up so it grips into the bearing firmly, then using a drift ( I use the long extension from my socket set) Knock it out from the other side. This method has never failed for me. Hope this helps. Tikka65
  14. A great documentary on the man who left us too soon. A great loss to the world of Motorcycles. http://www.superbikeplanet.com/2010/Jan/100121lazw.htm
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