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  1. john b

    Boot repair

    Thanks for that - might try the cobblers in barney to be honest if I can get another year it's worth it cheers john
  2. john b

    Show Us Your Ty

    My son (15) on his TY - second in experts in his class in the Kia champs last year ????
  3. john b

    Boot repair

    Hi there anyone know of someone who repairs trials boots ? the front of the sole has come apart on my gaernes (they are a year old and had very little use) - I think I've caught the very front on a rock and ripped the stitching. ive tried local cobbler but he said he couldn't do anything ? I'm in north east but don't mind posting if anyone can help cheers john
  4. I had a bad motocross accident which makes it difficult to kick with right foot . I've had a few betas which were ideal, but I find it easier now with right kick bikes to get off the bike and kick with left foot. Not much of an inconvenience as you think ! cheers john
  5. Hi there inhave a set of 33mm paiolis off a Sherco 80 big wheel, with triple clamps - all in excellent condition sounds like they may be ideal let me know if they are of interest cheers john
  6. Speak as you find my son had a 2015 125 that took some hammer including the mintex this year and it never missed a beat ! bought it very cheap at just under a year old - ran it for 18 months and lost £400. Running costs were regular maintenance only csnt complain at that really. saying that he's on a beta now tho !! Ha ha cherrs john
  7. Hi its just a perforated steel guard painted red, to stop mud build up in the head which in the past has lead to mud shorting the plug out chris ' yam has has 2 years of development to where it is now and a very competitive bike ! cheers john
  8. Great bikes - get them right and they can do things you wouldn't believe! Looks like it's in the right direction. My son on his modded 175 he's used successfully in the Kia experts this year
  9. Completely agree with the logic and the rationale that my son can have a championship where he wouldn't score 5555555335555533 etc There are many very capable A class riders who need a youth championship cheers John
  10. My comment This year an A class youth had to ride with British experts, no other choice. Next year there is an A class and B class youth on the same day. Elite A or B I would imagine would choose to ride with the BTC. Hopefully an A and B in youths class will be sufficiently tough for good centre youths leaving the elite to battle it out on a tougher course ( to bring them on). Hopefully this will have increased youth class entries My son is a good centre rider about to go to A class. At this point I would not put him in BTC experts, but would consider in an A class youth championship thanks John
  11. Many thanks for the clarification - appreciated ! cheers john
  12. Is there a list of 2018 dates for youth ? A class for 2017 was only with british experts and not limited to 5 ?
  13. But now there will be two a class ?A class Elites with british t c experts and A class with youth ?
  14. Is there a change next year to put A class back into youth class ? (Having an "elite " A class running worth british experts ). Does this mean good centre riders will have more chance of getting round? Any idea how many rounds are planned next year ? cheers john
  15. Glad it's taking pace ! Great to see it happening I think people are seeing it's not about teaching people to be better at trials (that's what trials schools are for ) it's about the whole event, what goes on, help with lines etc - making it a good first time experience. It doesn't need to be every week, to be honest one (or two) events per month will be enough - if we can get a few riders at each one, and if most carry on trailing that's up to 30 new riders?? Unfotunatley I'm at the national Kia round that day but have said to Glen would love to help at the next one , which I hope there will be a next one soon ! Cheers John
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