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  1. turbo

    New Series.

    Hi Jon , yes planning on doing this series for sure and glad to hear that its going to happen , along with some others that I have chatted to recently really miss the Miller series and its a shame that it ended up poorly supported .
  2. Hi Hamish , what documents will they need ? any idea ? Thanks Mg
  3. Well guys, 4th round cancelled in Yorkshire due to lack of entries 19 I believe ,not looking good really and the last 2 rounds (in IOM ) approx 35 each day . With revitalised classes etc the series is still not attracting a lot of interest . This is a shame as I fear it could be the beginning of the end for the traditional ,single lap classic road based trial that some of us enjoy . I feel sorry for the stalwart club members in various parts of the country that are prepared to carry out the hard work needed to run these events. I also note that about a year ago when I posted a local interested parties thoughts on the series there was the usual avalanche of advice on how the series should be managed and run, however it seems few of you are actually prepared to support the events .
  4. Pleased to report all is sorted with the clutch. Pete is a really helpful chap and wants the best from his product ,after a couple of checks etc it seems that the Armac set up does provide enough lift (about 1.5 mm ) to operate the clutch . The Belville washer was removed from the set up and hey presto it is now superb ,I can honestly say it is as good as a modern bike ,no slip, good feel ,and really light . Ref trialsrfun , no tensioner needed , not sure about belt life but I believe there has never been an issue , there are no sprockets ,no chain. regards martin .
  5. Hi Jon , yes the clutches are a great bit of engineering and are all belt drive (I think ) ,you will never get slipping issues with one either . I have spoken to Pete who is a really helpful chap and he has given me some pointers . It looks like as suspected the problem is with the actuating mechanism . Cheers .
  6. If you don't want OKO issues get a keihin carb ,makes a good engine run superb . Otherwise get a new DELLORTO as petert advised , don't mess around with re building old carbs either .I think the main issue that gets overlooked is that the engine MUST be in very good order ,some expect a new carb to sort out a duff motor ! . My opinion is that for me , the Keihin carb is superb and far better than even a new DELLORTO .
  7. Thanks, yes I think thats the case ,with Petes clutch you don't need an Armac lightener ,but I have ! as its on the bike . Dave thanks , yes I will talk to Pete and planned to anyway . I seem to remember the dished spacer that you speak of . Looks like I may have to get rid of the Armac mod . I rode a trial on sunday and spent the day slackening off the clutch at the lever to be able to start the bike and then having to wind out to be able to get a useable action again . Its as if the Armac mod ends up making the clutch action TOO light !.
  8. Hi , as above my cub has one of Petes clutches .Question is does anybody else run one these with an Armac lightener ?, I can't seem to be able to get the action right ,if I adjust so as the bike will kick start ok this results in there not being enough leverage to disengage properly . Iam having doubts that this type of clutch will work with the said llightener . Any feedback or help would be great . Thanks .
  9. Hi mate , i listen to what you say but this has all the hallmarks of the stator failing (usually when hot ) . Have you checked the readings when hot ? better still change the stator if only to start eliminating (again) sorry !
  10. Whats the weather like Jon v8 ? dismal here inDevon !
  11. Strange no trials clubs ? Hi Jon v8 , glad to hear your positive comments on trail riding as we are out there next month doing same !, where did you go roughly ?
  12. turbo

    Bottom yoke

    Break the rollers and cage ,and IF you have an arc welder quickly weld a good blob on opposite sides of the remaining inner , with a punch I can always lightly then tap inner off .
  13. Over 50,s going back on standard route is a good move , and will keep more people happy than the few who wanted to ride 50 50 route. I do genuinely think that the series could have included a twinshock and pre65 class riding the easier route if only to generate good entry levels . Having ridden many of these rounds the section severity of the easier route is generally spot on for those classic riders who desire a bit of a challenge . I am sure Mr average over 50/60 can mix well with Mr average twinshock /pre 65 and therefore should pose no problems ?.
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