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  1. Hi if you remove fuel tank the coil and cdi box are next to the radiator filler spout. As for the switch it's a mapping switch to change ignition settings ... wet/dry..
  2. Great photos?..It was a really good weekend..
  3. Does it fire up? If not check the wudruff key or try a different spark plug..
  4. slack

    Scorpa carb

    Try Combs trials they do a lot of Ty spares and the Sy carb is the same as the the Ty..
  5. I ride and observe but have to say that only a few want to do it..Me personally enjoy it..
  6. slack

    Ty250r mono 1985

    Hi Csp you say its had a rebore and piston do you know what piston was used?? The reason I ask is I have just rebuilt mine last year along with two of my mates bikes ALL with wossnor pistons and they knock like a diesel engine.. My mate actually took his barrel & piston off his pinky to experiment (genuine standard Yam piston) and guess what no knocking. I have had to put two base gaskets on as the port timing was all wrong with the wossnor piston, As for jetting it's all trial and error.
  7. slack

    ty250r mono shock

    The mod we used to do years ago and what I've done to my present Ty is to cut the y shaped bracket that bolts the linkage to the swing arm. You cut the y bit off a weld in a spacer a few mm thick job sorted. Also Jonathan Wren motorcycle's services the rear shock..
  8. Hi Jake when you say you're adjusting the carb settings on the carb are you adjusting it the right way.. is your crab the one with the air screw at the back of the carb or at the front near the intake rubber(if so this is actually a fuel screw that works in the opposite way an air screw works... Check out Jim Snell YouTube videos that explains the dellorto carb and its tuning...
  9. I will be at Buttsfield this Sunday as the northern classics has been cancelled if you want to have a bit crack.
  10. Pass? If you put the wossnor pistons and standard piston together (using the gugeon pin) the wossnor piston has a taller crown..
  11. No... the carb I tried was off a used pinky couldn't believe the difference in performance. What we have realised after getting the barrel rebored with Wossner piston the port timing was wrong. I have had to put two base gaskets on to compensate for this?? Also two of my mates have had to do the same.. I
  12. Hello mate, I have had the problem of bike running rich off the pilot for some years now... I didn't realize how bad it was until I tried a different carb off my mates bike runs perfect all the way through rev range. I have tried pilots from size 36-42 with no joy. I have tried the Kihien flat slide but a pain to set up so put Tk back on.. If you want to send me a pm with your number I will gladly pass on some of what I have tried.?
  13. slack

    Gas gas 250

    Hi Tom did you remove the flywheel or did you just check to see if it was spinning on the end of the crank??
  14. slack

    Gas gas 250

    Try the woodruff key
  15. Hi Drca, I have recently watched the Jim Snell video regarding the tuning of the dellorto carb. He states in his video that the factory setting for the fuel/air screw is 3 turns out for the factory setting. The video also shows you how to check if your floats are bad. Try searching tuning dellorto carb.
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