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  1. v1nn1e


    OK, totally off topic, but I recently went across with a group of friends to do a beer run to Westvleteren - that may mean absolutely nothing to you unless you are a fan of Belgian Trappist beer! Anyway, we stayed near Dunkirk and went to the most absolutely monstrous Auchan; this thing looked to be nearly a mile long and had an incredible selection of wine, beer, cheese, and then all of the household stuff - honestly, it made the Carrefour at Citi d'Europe look small. We're going over again this Friday to go to the Christmas market at Amiens, and I'm hoping to try and go or come back via that Auchan - if only to take some photos!
  2. v1nn1e


    What do you reckon it would be like just getting the Chunnel and driving down from Calais? Did you have a cabin on the ferry? Anyway, sounds like a bit of an adventure and I do love France, the food and the wine!
  3. Yeah, I would add that I always look straight ahead at some point, and also have tyre pressures down. In fact, raising tyre pressures too quickly was my undoing. TBH, I haven't done much static balance practice for a while, I may get back to it in the coming weeks.
  4. v1nn1e


    I know what you mean but train/tube is a bit of a pain, I guess greener than car though. I guess 'someone' would have to contact these people... https://www.x-trial.com/en/2play.html
  5. v1nn1e


    Ha, ha, yeah! But seriously, maybe somewhere a little further towards the centre - how about the Ricoh Arena in Coventry? Enjoy Rennes!
  6. v1nn1e


    Why no X-Trial round in the UK...? Is the Sheffield Indoor Trial seen as a proxy event...?
  7. Unicycle - I'm impressed! Will it help you get on the back wheel and hop?
  8. This is what I wrote in another thread. Not everyone will agree but it worked for me - you may find it helpful... With my bike a non-runner until recently, I could have been doing a whole lot more of this over the past few months but have only picked it up again since I got it working! Guess I just wanted to forget the whole business and hope it would go away when I couldn't get the bike running! Anyway, I've been putting in a bit of time here and there trying to static balance on the drive in front of the garage and, TBH, not really getting anywhere - if I could get both feet up and hold it for 2-3 seconds that was a result! So I decided my technique needed to change and for whatever reason tried the following... Get one foot on a peg, weighting the suspension with that leg and then having the other foot on tip-toe, just enough to hold balance. Make sure the bike is settled and then gently lift up the tip-toe foot slowly but don't attempt to put it on the peg. Move this leg about (just like the experts!) to hold your balance. I immediately found that I was going 5-10 seconds before losing balance. What slowly dawned on me was that with the leg with the foot on the peg, I was 'leaning' the bike into the inside of that calf and I could feel the bike much better and it was like I could push the bike against that inner calf and it all became easier to balance, still waving the other leg around to maintain it. What I notice now is that as I've continued practicing this, I'm tending to keep the lose leg closer to the bike too - in fact as I lift that up from the ground I also keep the inner calf against the bike and it helps with feel. Just come in from a session and had my most successful go yet, maybe 30-40 seconds or so, the limitation being my quads on the leg that is on the peg taking all my weight getting tired! I know my technique will have to develop further to get both feet on the pegs to make it sustainable, plus I'm putting way too much force through my shoulders and arms on the bars. But this has been a big break through for me and I'm sure is building memory paths in my brain that will allow me to develop further. Hope that helps someone who may have got stuck and not been able to progress.
  9. Wild guess - sticking float valve...?
  10. v1nn1e

    SSDT Website

    I'm a newbie to the world of the SSDT but have appreciated the web site no end over the last couple of years. Many thanks
  11. At Tong, July 10-12. :):):)
  12. But, more importantly, will there be a UK round next year? Or, are they waiting to see what happens with Brexit!!!???
  13. v1nn1e

    Air Leak 2014 290

    No idea if this is the issue you've got, but sharing something that I experienced... I've got a 2011 and have had the carb off a couple of times but never touched the actual manifold rubber. I found I had an air leak around where the carb inserted into the manifold rubber. I re-assembled using silicone grease all around the rubber/carb joint and this fixed it.
  14. Love some of the one-liners in this thread... those I ride with keep trying beer and liquor............. not sure how effective it is... We shall continue further testing. 2020 Vertigo colour scheme designers ought to be tested. What are they on !!!! 😂 Let's be honest the WTC is that boring he probably took it to keep awake.
  15. I'm still struggling with proper double blips. What I've found is that I can get over small/moderate obstacles without the front wheel touching down. It's the usual timing issue where I get too anxious and do the second blip too soon. So, to try and break the whole thing down I started by putting a sequence of markers down on the ground in a flat area. I then practice coming towards them and single-blipping to get the front up, then waiting, waiting, waiting until the front touches down, hopefully on the marker, before applying a second blip. I've now started to try adding in the suspension bounce as the front touches down, before adding in the second blip, which I've found surprisingly challenging!
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