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  1. Sherco X-Ride

    I had been replying in the Beta forum about one bike for trail and trial but then heard about the X-ride at the weekend. Can I ask if anyone has entered an actual observed trial on one of these? Or at least, taken it through some sections at their local trials club...? Or maybe seen someone do that...? Thanks
  2. Is it just me?

    First time ever at such an event and a great show - probably helped by the sunshine! How they got all the transporters and lorries up there for the paddock though... I have no idea! Whilst these people ride motorcycles not totally dissimilar to the one sitting in my garage, what they can do with them bears no relationship at all to what I do with mine!
  3. Toby Martyn

    Nice piccie!
  4. OOF!!!

    Oh wow, was that section 15 when he launched straight into the side of that rock? Thought he'd crushed his front wheel with that one!
  5. British round

    Great, thanks for the the replies
  6. British round

    Couple of questions for anyone that's been before... Is there anywhere to get a cuppa within walking distance, or is it Thermos time? Roughly what sort of distance is it usually from the nearest section to the furthest one?
  7. Sherco 2014 reved high then cut out

    Didn't go as far as lapping-in the flywheel but did give it and the crankshaft taper an extra good clean with meths, and then upon re-assembly a sharp tap or five with a rubber mallet to make sure it was well seated. Have not had any problems since. I believe one issue is that the magnets mean the flywheel 'pulls' itself on as you start to line up the channel with the woodruff and one can think it's all done, but regardless it needs that extra good tap with the mallet to really bed it on to the taper. Cheers
  8. clutch sticking

    I always have to free mine off after it has stood, and that's with 75W light oil in the gearbox. I understand that light sanding of the metal plates' surfaces with wet'n'dry is supposed to cure it, if you've got the clutch apart might be worth a go. I free mine off before each start by rocking backwards in 5th (killed ignition!) and then have to ensure I keep the clutch pulled in until after the engine is running. I've also heard of people keeping the clutch pulled in when stood using a cable tie or some such. Not done that myself
  9. Struggle to start Sherco when it is warm

    Once it's started, does it run OK? Are you able to set the idle speed OK and does it idle reliably once warm?
  10. Is it just me?

    TBH, IMHO, speaking personally, I'm happy enough to fork out for a weekend ticket to see Bou, Ragga, Dabill and the rest. I reckon they're probably worth it. I've heard that some continental EU countries have slightly higher taxes than we have here - perhaps that has something to do with it...?
  11. Sherco 2014 reved high then cut out

    I've been having some ignition problems with my 2011 and tracked it down eventually to the ignition coil. Meanwhile I'd been down the stator route and so had removed and refitted that. Got the bike running but not that well and cut out completely on Map 2. Then when running on Map 1 noticed that the exhaust was getting very hot. Decided to re-check that I'd got the stator marks aligned correctly (maybe ignition timing advanced) and on removing the flywheel discovered to my horror that the woodruff key has sheared! What can cause that? Did I overtighten/under tighten the crank nut? It certainly didn't need as much leverage as I was expecting to undo - I don't think I quite managed to reach the full fat 100nm or torque when tightening. Now got to hunt down a new woodruff key - but reluctant to simply re-assemble until I've understood why this has happened!!!!????
  12. Trial bike for single trail riding

    Ha, ha, this post was just what I was thinking about myself, although for different reasons. I now have four bikes in my garage and what with tax, insurance, MOT, maintenance, the odd mechanical etc it's all getting to be a bit too much. Coupled to domestic pressure that I'm spending too much time and money on them all, I need to downsize. So I will be looking to combine my Yamaha trail bike and Sherco trial bike in to one off-roader on which I can do both. Given that I barely even qualify as a novice at trials, I'm not too worried about the impact on my performance! So I've been thinking about the Gas Gas Contact ES. Gearing was the main thing that I was considering as needing some adjustment to get the best of both worlds; fuel should be OK and I can take my Fuel Friend in a haversack as extra. Sounds like it's OK to up pressures on trials tyres for roads and longer trips, so that answers that one. I'm not fast on trails anyway and have no wish to keep up with enduro wannabes, so was interested to hear other people's experiences of using trials bikes on trail byways.
  13. 2011 sherco wiring diagram anyone?

    The electronics are all Leonelli. If you try their web-site there may be a typical wiring diagram for the stator/CDI and associated features.
  14. ST300 10w40 or 10w50

    I know exactly what you mean....
  15. Sherco 290 06 - No spark

    See my latest post! May be worth checking the ignition coil first as, if it's anything like my 2011 model, they are cheap off ebay/amazon. Email Splat shop and they may be able to help with some readings for checking the Stator; I thought mine had gone when it was probably OK, so you have to take a wide margin on the numbers. If all else fails, Bradford Ignitions (motoplat) can test the Stator for you but you will need a flywheel puller, not to mention some serious torque on the nut - I had to get someone to use an Impact Wrench to get mine off.