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  1. I would have thought bogging down on a 320 was a safety feature to avoid landing in the tree tops...?
  2. Ah, great news, glad to hear
  3. Do just try changing the coil - much cheaper and worst is you end up with a spare coil. I went through the whole stator fix rigmarole and it ended up being the coil. And make sure you get a genuine Leonelli replacement as the cheapo ones on eBay are a bit variable.
  4. rr62, I've tried a 4ride down at the Dave Thorpe Honda off-road experience in Exmoor. It's a great little bike and TBH, I wouldn't have been on anything else, but even so just felt it was a bit too much trials for riding open lanes and road work in between. A sixth, higher, gear would have been nice and just a little more suspension travel. AFAIK it really is just a Cota4RT with seat, lights and a slightly larger tank. Having said that, member of my local TRF has a 4ride for LDT and is always trying to persuade me to buy one! gasserguy, what year is your Freeride...? PS - What range do you get from the tank?
  5. Having had rather a load of trouble with my Sherco last year, finally resolved over the winter, I'm rather hesitant to launch into another round of fiddling and fettling, especially as it would initially be replacing my uber-reliable Yamaha TTR250. The more I've read about them, the more I think it may just be too fragile an option. Many thanks for the replies.
  6. This early 2T version had escaped me but recently came across it surfing around eBay. Wondered whether anyone had first hand experience of one tackling a section, or even hearsay from someone else that had tried...? Given I'm not a serious trials rider, and fitted with the right sort of tyres, wondered if it could tackle both green-laning and a bit of self-learning at my local trials centre...?
  7. Sorry, I may have mis-explained about my use of the clutch. Yeah, I do use the clutch when I'm riding slooooooooow, like a lot of the time; when practicing slow turns and so on. It's the dropping/popping the clutch, like you would do on a road bike, to wheelie that is not necessary. I guess ( ? ) that it does become necessary eventually, when doing the BIG obstacles, like for a Zap, as I understand it. I'm so far away from that level that I don't even want to think about it!
  8. Ha, ha, was going to post about double-blip myself (you may have heard of it, or will do in due course) ; I'm just soooooo tentative about the throttle I'm finding i'm not giving it enough on the second blip, so struggling to get over anything much more than a foot high! Yeah, that is my No. 1 issue; getting confidence with the throttle. I'm OK doing simple stuff and where I've found it best to learn is going up moderate short slopes; if you don't use enough throttle, failure is reasonably safe. You just have to keep adding a bit and a bit, taking it real steady. I'm an older newcomer to trials, so throwing myself at obstacles and beating myself up is not an option! The bottom line though, is that 1st gear is like having a stick of dynamite under your right wrist! So I'm often in 2nd to tame things a bit; just starting to use 1st a little more. If you want to pop the front wheel, never use the clutch, just leave that engaged and learn to use the suspension as an assist. As someone has said, it is about practice, practice, practice, I suppose in some ways it's like learning a musical instrument, timing, finger movements, coordination...
  9. Got it over the line, so to speak! Started with the 'engage pivot bolt' approach first. Not sure I got this technique right TBH, as after getting the bolt threaded I got the hooked end under the tensioner arm and then was attempting to lever the straight end of the spring under the swing arm. I just couldn't get this done and the spring was starting to deform somewhat. So, I stopped that, unscrewed the pivot bolt, and then used the monster cable tie approach, with the spring pre-assembled and the bolt completely out, then slowly tighten the cable tie that's wrapped around the whole swing arm and tensioner assembly and just keep sighting through the pivot bush hole until it lines up with the threaded hole in the swing arm lug. Then hey-presto and I was home. Smear of grease on the pivot bush before assembly and some copper grease on the pivot bolt, then squirted some lithium grease over the whole thing at the end for good measure! Must remember to check that pivot bolt for tightness in future! 🙄
  10. After the chain tensioner pivot bolt worked its way lose the other week, I'm just refitting and confronting the age old problem of getting the bolt located whilst compressing the spring! Aside from the specialist tool, for which I don't have the welding expertise, I've heard rumours of cable tie use, which I'm translating into wrap one around the whole swing arm and tensioner and tighten to 'lift' the bolt up towards the screw hole. And another thread talks of turning the spring 'upside down' to allow the bolt to be partially threaded before knocking the spring into position and hooking it under the arm. This latter method I think means put the spring on rotated through 180 degrees. Any other gems of engineering ingenuity out there, in case neither of these yield the desired result...? Thanks! 😊
  11. As I've just come across this on UK TV Play, I thought it worth a plug here. It's the humorous story of his attempt at the SSDT back in 2017, aided, abetted and lambasted by James Burroughs, with a supporting cast of James Burroughs' Dad and Ross's Tour Manager, who make up an excellent double act in the van!
  12. v1nn1e


    4 days, 120 sections, and Dabill has 'dabbed' twice! Unbelievable! <~O
  13. Ha, ha, yeah, being a member of the TRF, this is a question I keep asking myself! My motivation is to reduce the number of bikes in my garage. I tested the 4Ride at Dave Thorpe's Honda off-road site on Exmoor. IMHO, the 4ride is basically a Cota 4RT with a large tank and a seat; the gearing and suspension appear to be the same, although the suggestion is that the forks are different - still way off what you'd get on a green-laner. TBH, I wouldn't have been on anything else given the riding we did. But a sixth, slightly higher, top gear would have been nice. You have to be prepared to live with the suspension travel but otherwise it's do-able. A Beta with the long-range seat/tank unit would be very similar, IMHO. Or maybe even better, the GasGas Contact ES; I think GasGas's have six gears...? Although, GasGas don't appear to list the ES anymore...?
  14. v1nn1e

    Fuel Starvation?

    Did another run last night, and this time pulled over to the side of the dual carriage and paused for a moment with the engine idling before pulling away again, just before where it cut the last time. Got all the way to the trials centre, and then ditto on the way back. I think I can manage this as a medium term workaround.
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