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  1. v1nn1e

    Ross Noble Off Road

    Cake! 😊
  2. v1nn1e

    Ross Noble Off Road

    As I've just come across this on UK TV Play, I thought it worth a plug here. It's the humorous story of his attempt at the SSDT back in 2017, aided, abetted and lambasted by James Burroughs, with a supporting cast of James Burroughs' Dad and Ross's Tour Manager, who make up an excellent double act in the van!
  3. v1nn1e


    4 days, 120 sections, and Dabill has 'dabbed' twice! Unbelievable! <~O
  4. v1nn1e

    Green laning on a trails bike...

    Ha, ha, yeah, being a member of the TRF, this is a question I keep asking myself! My motivation is to reduce the number of bikes in my garage. I tested the 4Ride at Dave Thorpe's Honda off-road site on Exmoor. IMHO, the 4ride is basically a Cota 4RT with a large tank and a seat; the gearing and suspension appear to be the same, although the suggestion is that the forks are different - still way off what you'd get on a green-laner. TBH, I wouldn't have been on anything else given the riding we did. But a sixth, slightly higher, top gear would have been nice. You have to be prepared to live with the suspension travel but otherwise it's do-able. A Beta with the long-range seat/tank unit would be very similar, IMHO. Or maybe even better, the GasGas Contact ES; I think GasGas's have six gears...? Although, GasGas don't appear to list the ES anymore...?
  5. v1nn1e

    Fuel Starvation?

    Did another run last night, and this time pulled over to the side of the dual carriage and paused for a moment with the engine idling before pulling away again, just before where it cut the last time. Got all the way to the trials centre, and then ditto on the way back. I think I can manage this as a medium term workaround.
  6. v1nn1e

    Fuel Starvation?

    Doh! I'll check the breather but I think that's fine unless it's got some recent blockage. It is the rear tank version, with the Dellorto vacuum pump. My understanding is that this will still flow fuel even when not working, i.e. fails 'open'...? Looks like a carb-off, larger float jet jobbie! ☚ī¸
  7. v1nn1e

    Fuel Starvation?

    Ran my bike along a dual carriageway en-route to trials centre near me for the first time since sorting carb leaks last year. Meant I had the throttle quite open in fifth gear - I'd say ~35-40mph-ish, and after about 1/2 mile the bike cuts out. Pull over, stare at it, have no idea what to do, take the tank cap off although I know that's full. Decide to kick it (!) then change my mind and decide to try starting it! Thing starts first kick and burbles away, staring back at me with, like, 'what's the problem!' Grrrrrrr Decide discretion is the better part of valour and turn around and head back down the dual carriage to home - 3/4 mile back down the road (through some green lights) and it cuts again - coast to a halt, gather myself, starts first kick again. This time just a r/b and then slower roads and make it home with no further incident. Last year I replaced the float needle and jet when I had carb leaks and bought a 200 size, as per manual, and found when I stripped the carb that it had a 250. I kind of assumed that maybe the oversize float jet might have been a contributory factor in the leaks, but now I'm wondering if it actually needs a 250...? Just to confirm, the main jet is a standard 122 size, making the 200 float jet > 1.5 x as big, the recommended ratio, as I understand it. Note also that 3-4 times over the last couple of months I've been a mile or so up the road, no long open throttle runs, to a closed car park where I've been practicing slow stuff and had the engine running for 30 minutes or more, all on low throttle/1st gear, with no problems.
  8. v1nn1e

    'breakthrough' Techniques

    Been watching Dan Thorpe's video where he demonstrates practicing full-lock turns. I've added that to my exercises - I've found it's a good exercise for co-ordinated clutch, throttle and front brake control. It really makes you move your weight to the outside while allowing the bike to drop to the inside of the turn - great practice for keeping your balance whilst in a weird position!
  9. v1nn1e

    Sherco ST 125cc to 250cc

    125's are quite sort after by beginners and those of a certain age(!) Would have got one myself if I had come across one of the right age/price/location. I wonder if you would be better off selling your 125 on to someone who wants that size and power, and then looking for something that was a 250 from the factory...? Might save a lot of hassle too...?
  10. v1nn1e

    Bash hats

    Also need a new helmet and reducing sweatiness is a top priority! Can anyone comment on the relative ventilation properties of the Jitsie HT2 vs the Airoh TRR S Vs Hebo Zone 4 ? Thanks
  11. v1nn1e

    No GB round 2019

    As a newbie to trials, I made the journey up to Yorkshire last September to watch the WC round. First ever visit to such an event. Various things amazed me, not least the weather, where it was hot and shining for the second time that I've visited. I believe a new world record was set when I last visited the 'dales as part of the Bike 8 (A figure of 8 lap of Great Britain centred on Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales) a couple of years ago and couldn't ride from Hawes to Ingleton due to the low sun being blindingly bright! Anyway, I thought it was all fantastic. Amazing location, truly unbelievable sections that looked like they'd challenge a rock climber let alone a motorbike! There seemed to be a fair few punters wondering around. Not exactly Silverstone but then I wouldn't expect that. I was more than happy to cough up the entrance fee and found cheap accommodation at the YHA in Haworth, along with several others. Only downside was no Theakston's Pub there, which was a bit disappointing TBH! 😉 So it's all a bit of a shame that they couldn't just do the same again. Was there a big loss on the event? Did they decide the venue wasn't good in some way? Was it just that Sport 7 are no longer involved and it takes someone like a sports promoter with the advertising contacts, organisational and administrative set-up etc etc to run such an event? As someone who has the organisational and administrative skills of a flea, I appreciate the work that goes in to running things like this and am prepared to pay accordingly, especially to see the best in the world. Someone managed to run the Sheffield Indoor Trial at the beginning of January and there were plenty of people there, right in the middle of winter, so can whoever did that get involved? Does it just need a kick-ass big fence around the thing to keep the shysters that won't pay out? They manage it for The Boomtown Fair in Hampshire, which is massive.
  12. Ha, ha, yeah, I'm a programmer - I think of things in a computer way. It's like going from the brain having to compute every movement and body position in real time, to being able to recall them all from memory. That's what all the practice does; allows your brain to do the processing and then save it to memory, so it's all ready for the competition. A look-up map versus a real time algorithm
  13. v1nn1e

    Age (and lack of riding) related aches

    May not be the exact same problem, but I had severe knee problems attempting the Yorkshire 3 peaks a couple of years back. The knees are stabilised by the Glutes in your bum, via the Illiotibial Band down the outside of your thigh. I now do three exercises specifically designed to strengthen glutes and also my quads: Lateral leg lifts Clam shell knee lift, with training band heel drops These alone completely cured my knee problems and I believe contribute to knee fitness for trials as well. You can also try squats and lunges.
  14. v1nn1e

    Sheffield results

    Deffo busto ahead going in to the final section, I think those scores must be wrong. Before the last section it was either Busto 8-9 Bou or 9-10. Not sure whether Bou got a time penalty or not on the last section.
  15. v1nn1e

    Sheffield results

    Actually, Busto was leading by 1 point until the very last section of the final and unfortunately he 5'd it. I think Bou dabbed once. So it was actually quite close. Toby Martin got lots of cheers for getting closest to completing the Skip section - he actually 5'd part way through but decided to carry on and got to the end, we never saw anyone else on those parts, well, during part 1.