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  1. FYI... Apparently it's 100 links ?
  2. Can I confirm that for a 2011 250T with 10 tooth front and 42 tooth rear sprockets, I should use a 102 link 520 chain? Many thanks
  3. v1nn1e

    Exhaust leak

    Getting black mess spitting out of the join between the header and silencer. Discovered there are 'O' rings so I guess I need to replace those. Is any special grease or sealant needed as well? Cheers
  4. Nice! Still thinking about a Vertigo though, if I ever change my ST250
  5. FWIW... for anyone in the future who may be reading this post... Apparently, Beta bought the Ceriani business in ~2011/12 and so Beta forks from around this time look to be similar to the 2011 Sherco Ceriani's
  6. Anyone ever made their own fork pre-load spacer from PVC pipe? May give it a go...
  7. Tried un-seizing it without success. Splat Shop have a different replacement that will require a different spacer - anyone know of any good places for obscure Ceriani fork parts...? Thanks
  8. Went to remove all spring preload and the allen screw in the top cap appears to be seized fast; it won't budge in either direction. I believe, according to my handbook, that they are Ceriani forks. So, does anyone know of any trick/tip to un-seizing the adjuster? Otherwise, anywhere I can get a complete new fork tube top cap? Nothing that I could find on the splatshop web site. Thanks in advance
  9. I'm sorry but I disagree totally with this stupid lock down! You would have to be doing some pretty Big Stuff to require an ambulance. I just sprained my ankle and that's a rare injury for me - but I wouldn't dream of bothering the NHS; I'm happy to self-medicate at home. I appreciate very much the huge effort that front line NHS staff are putting in, primarily because they have been so badly let down by the dick-heads in charge, who couldn't organise the proverbial in a brewery. This is/was the UK Government's forward planning document for just such a pandemic - it says 'Flu' but is applicable to this situation... https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/responding-to-a-uk-flu-pandemic Basically, it's complete pants! All of the steps that have been carried out so far, and all of the reactive actions carried out by the Government are not mentioned once in this document. Because of their utter, utter uselessness they have basically trashed the economy and many, many people, most likely the younger generation, will be paying for this for years. If they had taken much earlier steps to isolate people in the high-risk category and to increase their supplies of ITU beds, then most likely the rest of us could have gone about our business largely as usual. They've even shunned help from the EU to join a group Ventilator purchase programme! ?
  10. Wow! This is hard. Just thought I'd have some fun and ride along the kerb edge - I was all over the place. Most of my slow riding is very tight figure of eights, and in my practice car park I'm riding in to and out of the parking bays and it's great practice for slow full lock turns. Can still only get between the white lines in the corner ones that are wider! But then I tried following the white line down the middle of the road (this place is empty) and I was wiggling everywhere. Seems to be about tiny amounts of weight difference that I'm putting through the pegs, so need to learn to have really fine weighting between my feet. Seems even harder than static balance! ?
  11. Found a local car park where I can practice during this virus lock-down. There's a flood drain opening built in to the side of the bank just off the tarmac, the wall of which is about ~2' 6" - ish or so. Not done drop-offs from that height so here we go... Did 4 or 5 and finally landed both wheels together. Not sure why that put more force through the pegs but because I was standing too far back it jerked the front of my foot sharply upwards and I've effectively sprained my right ankle, not too bad hopefully . Left was OK thankfully. I should have learnt from watching Guy Martin's Great Escape, where he did the same, landing after a jump. Have now realised, the hard way, that I need to position my foot further forward so the force goes straight up my leg. Just a warning for anyone else at the same stage.
  12. Local trials centre is closed but as I'm WfH I'm using my evening commute time to nip around the corner to a park'n'ride car park, which is virtually deserted and on the edge of town so no houses about. As well making good use of the parking bay white lines, there's a grassy hollow just beyond where the tarmac ends that is proving useful too. Basically, I'm riding more now that ever before! If this virus goes on much longer I might even learn to slow wheelie! ?
  13. Mine's road registered and so I have to get it MOT'd every year. The tester reckoned the head bearings were a little loose, so after leaving it for a month or two I finally got around to taking a look... Turns out the nut that tightens everything above the upper yoke had cracked right through; it's only alloy. Got a new one and then realised I didn't have a C spanner to tighten up the headrace nut under the upper yoke. I improvised with an old wooden clothes peg and a mallet! All sorted now.
  14. As Observers are a large part of observed trials would having their own forum encourage more people to engage? A place to ask dumb questions by people who've never observed before? Maybe a Sticky if not a whole forum...?
  15. If you want to get the global perspective... https://virusncov.com/
  16. I'm very much a beginner but don't compete as I don't have transport and can only get to my local site. I wouldn't mind giving observing a go but have no idea what I'm doing. Is there a Tricks and Tips crib sheet for first time observers published anywhere...? I'll do some googling as well...
  17. I use this and it passes at my local ('bike) MOT place... https://www.thehornit.com/the-hornit-db140-new
  18. Having started to get on top of my static balance, the front wheel hop is my next endeavour, for when I'm kicking my heels at home. The first problem I had was just trying to compress the suspension properly. I then came across a YouTube video and in that it was suggested that you start with one foot on the ground and just get the idea of the leg movement for suspension compression. That's given me a start. Next problem was that my static balance is so poor I struggle as soon as the front wheel is pointing straight ahead, so next step along the way was to have the wheel turned and just try seeing if I could compress the suspension with leg movement and keep my balance; single moves, one at a time, not actually trying to lift the front wheel yet. Quite quickly I've got up to 4-5 compressions before I lose balance. Once I'm a bit more secure with that bit, then I'll see if I can actually get the front wheel off the ground
  19. v1nn1e

    SSDT Cancelled

    And it was my first visit! Still thinking of going up but I'll tour distilleries instead - I doubt any Coronavirus could live with that much alcohol around!
  20. I'm (still) just beginning, and probably will be for as long as I do trials! What I found with trying to do double-blips, the simple one no clutch, is that I don't properly wait until the front wheel has come down and compressed the suspension before applying the second blip. I just got to the point of at least letting the front wheel touch down but was still too quick on the second bit of throttle. What I started practicing was putting marks on the ground, each separated by a few yards, and then riding along them and blipping to lift the front and seeing if I could land it on the mark and then compress the suspension and blip again. It was suprisingly hard but at least made me realise what I was doing wrong. I injured myself shortly after that in a separate biking incident and have never got back to it...
  21. As it's on my doorstep, almost literally, I went up to spectate at Hookwood last weekend. Some of those sections looked truly gruesome, especially given the amount of mud that was around. I was having difficulty standing up on two feet, let alone two wheels! Hats off to all of the competitors for sticking at it and rewarding us all with a great day; very well done!
  22. I went last year for the first time but couldn't make that date between Christmas and New Year due to family gatherings. For pro-Trials families it probably makes a good Christmas outing but otherwise, IMHO, that date is a PITA! Maybe if there is a change, they will try and combine it with a UK round of the X-trial championship...?
  23. v1nn1e

    Rear brake lever

    The rear brake basically works but I've noted the foot lever appears a little floppy, like there's a return spring missing and I'm wondering if it's early signs of sticking in the slave cylinder? BTW, I've not been able to identify any return spring from the 2011 parts diagram. Would a good hosing with WD40->Water->Lithium grease help...?
  24. I've had a small plate with bracket attached to the rear guard. This eventually self-destructed. I then had another one that was basically handwritten on a small piece of yellow plasticard. This has now got a chunk out of it. I have a totally road legal plate that I actually attached when I last got the bike MOT'd - I had to stop every few minutes and untangle it from the rear tyre when riding to the MOT station! I think I'll try the back pack idea. I have a pack that I always use when I ride to the trials centre (about 2-3 miles on road), and this will also save me the faff of unbolting and rebolting the thing off and on before and after sessions. ?
  25. OK, totally off topic, but I recently went across with a group of friends to do a beer run to Westvleteren - that may mean absolutely nothing to you unless you are a fan of Belgian Trappist beer! Anyway, we stayed near Dunkirk and went to the most absolutely monstrous Auchan; this thing looked to be nearly a mile long and had an incredible selection of wine, beer, cheese, and then all of the household stuff - honestly, it made the Carrefour at Citi d'Europe look small. We're going over again this Friday to go to the Christmas market at Amiens, and I'm hoping to try and go or come back via that Auchan - if only to take some photos!
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