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  1. The vertigo came a close second for me but I went sherco! Loving it ?✊
  2. I would say best advice is set your sag and then set clickers to factory settings which is usually midst way and see how you go from there, a lot will depend on your riding style and type of ground but standard is usually pretty good.
  3. So I picked up my new bike 2020 Farjardo st 250 on Friday and I have spent the weekend riding on it. I was initially going to go for factory Beta 250 but due to shipping restrictions it didn’t work out, so I was a little hesitant going sherco over beta but I went ahead as I am happy with the 125 st I have for my 13 years old lad. so my thoughts after weekend are that I couldn’t be happier with my decision the bike is fantastic in every way. Suspension is superb compared to my 2018 Bet Evo 250 and the bike feels must lighter. Quiet a difference between the two ride modes which was good could as I could never tell the difference on the beta as to which mode I was in! The kit on the bike is really well specced and the build quality is very good. I am also surprised at the cost of oem spares for sherco compared to Beta they are way cheaper. Example rear mud guard while shorted than beta is €40 with graphics rather than €150!! Extremely happy with this purchase and I can highly recommend to anyone considering one, if you have any questions about the bike just ask. regards sean
  4. Great thanks for the info I think I may aswell order one and stick it in altogether while the bike is stripped down.
  5. Hello, can someone advice on the frequency of piston change of a 125 sherco ST please. It’s a 2012 and compression seems fine, should I stick one in while bike is stripped down or would it be ok thanks s
  6. Thanks a million for your reply ? I came up with a different method of install a bit easier. thanks, it’s tricky with shape of tank
  7. Hello, can someone please advise me on the correct placement of the rubber reducer ring which goes between the carb inlet and the air box outlet. There is an alignment mark on the rubber but where should it face as I am having difficulty getting the air box back into please thanks very much and help greatly appreciated sean
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