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  1. It acts as a spacer in the back wheel and a support for the chain tubes - similar to the 348/9 . Aye hamish
  2. Trying to bring a 349 back to life ! I’m looking for crankshaft nuts for both ends - can anyone help with obtaining them - tried most places ( I think ) it’s driving me nuts ( pardon the pun ). All advice welcome . Stay safe/ well and sane aye hamish
  3. happycyd

    Help needed

    OK - it’s time to bite the bullet. With much trepidation dragged out the 349 montesa from under the bench in the garage . Yep it’s a box of bits. The frame isn’t the issue - it’s the engine - I’ve an owner’s manual - it has exploded diagrams which are helpful. However, I’m looking for a strip and rebuild manual for the engine ( along with all the associated wrinkles to make the rebuild a smooth experience ) . I’ve plenty mechanical experience , but it’s always better to read a manual/ article before starting. ( many years of experience has taught me this is a wise way go! ). Apparently the montesa has interesting shimming!!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated - to point on the way. Many thanks for reading - stay safe and well.
  4. happycyd

    SSDT Cancelled

    Go to ssdt site - it’s official
  5. happycyd

    SSDT Cancelled

    Now , now , that’s a bit harsh??? Hi Ross?
  6. Does that mean we’ll have portaloos at trials ? As for the rash of 5’s I contracted that many years ago! There is a serious question though.
  7. National and international trials events . How long before they are affected? what action should be taken , if any?
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