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  1. As someone who falls ( no pun intended ) into this category, there is a lot of sense in this article . However , joint damage over many years abusing one’s body , can cause issues with the indicated exercises . Thai chi is a good solution . Cycling outdoors is a good way of maintaining lower body strength ( not necessarily total off road - gravel / track riding ) does help whilst keeping the loads on lower joints acceptable ( relatively pain free ) . That’s my two penny worth ,
  2. Looks like the case hardening has broken down - therefore worn and makes changing gear difficult - replace selector drum ?
  3. A braw looking “ting tong” . Toni will do really well on it . Build quality looks superb - look forward to seeing the production version . 👍🏾
  4. Scorpa 125cc 2t is good bike quite forgiving and easy to kick over ( r/h kickstart )
  5. They call them “ ting tongs “ home created from fertile imaginations and good engineering skills ,ridden regularly up here successfully . Magic idea
  6. What kind of quality control does that suggest about the rest of the build ?
  7. Easiest way to do this - go to EBay - type in Scorpa and then parts - look at listings for frames bikes etc and you can contact Tony that way
  8. Contact Tony at Scorpa’s alive - he only breaks Scorpa’s - good guy to deal with - I have done so for years - advertises on EBay
  9. You need to split the crankcases to access the gears - its an interesting task - use a parts manual to locate how components go together - use the t&mx build sequence - good luck
  10. Find a good alloy welder and affect a repair - it’s always an option 👍🏾
  11. As you can see - it’s on left of carb with CDI - regulator and capacitor . First two are together and bolted onto a bracket on the carb inlet .
  12. Try the Francis Barnett owners club - they do dating letters for Bultaco’s . They might be able to help
  13. Craig Turpie’s dad is very knowledgeable about 247 Montesas - particularly about setting up brakes 👍🏾
  14. If you wait you’re loosing playtime - choose a bike and go and have fun - there ain’t no pockets in a shroud 👍🏾
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