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  1. I totally agree, the header on my 2016 ST300 is also miles better, you would have thought quality would progressively get better but apparently not.
  2. Header has arrived quality is better than the previous one, I've included some photos, may finally be able to get out on it this weekend... that's if this British weather will allow it Thanks for all the input very much appreciated!
  3. Thanks all for your input, Ive spoke to the dealer who is sending me a new header out in the post, I spent the time yesterday stripping the bike down and checking everything over, gave everything a check with a torque wrench, greased everything up because from factory, it’s as if they’ve forgot what grease is. I’ll be keeping hold of my 2016 factory for a little while longer, just incase anything else goes wrong. I’m assuming covid has had a lot to play in the quality drop but who knows.
  4. Hi all, I've just picked up my Sherco ST 300 factory yesterday put it away without having a proper look over it, got it out this morning fired it up and let it sit for a while to warm up, I noticed after a short while that the residue off the combustion was coming out of the welds on the header, surely this should be covered under some kind of warranty? The quality of the welds are pretty shocking as seen in the included photos. Thanks in advance guys & gals!
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