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  1. It’s very lightly scratched on the inside of the flywheel, is this a good thing? Cheers
  2. Pictures of the flywheel: I think it looks okay but then again I have an untrained eye when it comes to this stuff, there’s a slight bit of damage on the taper and on one of the raised parts inside the flywheel
  3. UPDATE: tried moving the stator plate to different position, back fires each time, not got a clue what to do now, Might take it to local mechanic.
  4. Actually I do know why, it’s because the previous owner was a cowboy and cut down a COPPER penny... everyone knows copper is a malleable metal and won’t last 2 minutes.
  5. It seemed to locate properly yes, I’m taking the bike to a local engineer who’s sons ride professionally as he’s only a mile away and also a friend of my step fathers I was wondering if it was sticking out high enough... I haven’t got a clue, what sort of things cause a key to shear?
  6. I haven’t moved the stator plate from where it was previously but I will try this anyway, I’m losing hope fairly quickly, everything else that the engine needs to run is there but it’s just not firing up, been tinkering for a couple of days trying to resolve the issue ?
  7. My woodruff key sheared a couple weeks back and I put a fresh one in a couple days ago, Tried to start it and it wasn’t having any of it, checked fuel supply and spark and they were both fine... cleaned the carb just in case. It very occasionally backfires when kicking it over. I can’t think what it is. I’m not sure what I’m looking for when it comes to the stator (good or bad) but I presume it’s okay as I have nice strong blue spark. I’ve got some pics so you can tell me if there’s anything wrong, cheers
  8. Can anyone see anything wrong here? I don’t know what I’m looking for really
  9. Take flywheel cover off and get the flywheel nut off, you’ll have to stop the engine from spinning round if you’re using a spanner, if you have access to an impact driver then you can just bang it on and hold the flywheel still if it turns at all. You’ll need a special tool to get the flywheel off though.
  10. I was riding and it just backfired, cut out and wouldn’t fire up again but still had a spark and backfired every few kicks. Will try this later, thank you
  11. Hi, my bike won’t start after replacing the woodruff key due it previously shearing, I’m not 100% sure if it’s sticking out enough to slot into the flywheel snuggly, I have a strong spark and fuel supply is fine, cleaned the carb as well just to make sure. Occasionally get a back fire as well. what would be the next step to take? I’m thinking CDI may have gone at the same time the woodruff key went but not entirely sure and would be massively coincindental... all help is appreciated. Thanks will upload a pic of woodruff key tomorrow for you all to see.
  12. I will get the flywheel off as soon as I can, and no I haven’t got a CDI that I can borrow off another bike sadly
  13. Had a ride the other day and the exhaust went pop/bang and then cut out and wouldn’t start again... every few kicks it makes a pop/bang, I have checked the spark and it’s fine.... also checked to see if flywheel was spinning freely and it wasn’t... will I need to get the flywheel off to check the woodruff key? Also spoke to my local trials bike shop and they said it could possibly be the CDI that has given up... how could I test to see if the CDI is the problem? Any other ideas?
  14. Tom_H123

    Gas gas 250

    Just checked to see if it was spinning freely on the end of the crank... however I did stop the engine from turning over and tried to turn it with the flywheel nut off and it wasn’t budging i was struggling to get the flywheel off or will I need to get it off to make sure?
  15. Tom_H123

    Gas gas 250

    Checked spark plug... tiny bit of carbon buildup so removed it still didn’t start, checked the fly wheel to see if it was spinning freely and it wasn’t... any other ideas?
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