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  1. I did , find one on ebay
  2. Great looking 200 you should have a lot of fun on that beauty !!
  3. I tried one on my Fantic 300 ,Could not get it to run right afer lots of jet changes ( and i was meant to come ready to go) Fitted a Flat slide dellorto and one jet change and spot on . Have the same 26mm VHST on my other bikes Great carb a little expensive but so is buying a OKO and it not working !!
  4. Yes you need to remove the flywheel , and the inner case then you can see the screw
  5. Hi scorpa250/ Hope you don't mind the request for advice, but please see the update/photo I've put on following your advice on 'Fantic clutch arm not actuating'. which I think will make sense when you read it.

    Thanks again and best wishes, Nigel

  6. Remove the flywheel cover and in the top left hand side is a slotted screw remove that and you can now pull out the clutch arm, on the bottom corner is where the push rod makes contact . remove the large center screw in the clutch cover and you can access the push rod this end , you should be able to see if there is a problem .
  7. Go onto Beta uk look up the year you think and the frame and engine numbers on there you may have to try a couple of years to get the correct year , One wheel is wrong colour
  8. Not mine but a good image of the inside of a 301 exhaust
  9. Back in the 80's when the Michelin soft compound came out one of the other tyre makes used to soak the rear tires in mentholated spirit
  10. That is a genuine majesty , have a look on the base gasket area and see if there is a spacer about 5mm thick if so 200 majesty . Well done dont see many original ones anymore .
  11. Dished sprocket only used on the 250 twinshock
  12. Same Wheels on both
  13. The TLM 260 was not produced in 87 when the test took place ..
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