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  1. mur

    fantic 305 sprocket size

    thanks going to try an 11 front first ... see how it goes ...... .cheers Alberto
  2. Hello everyone .....i wanted to put a new rear sprocket on my 305 ,am using a 39 tooth one at present but feel maybe moving a bit quick in 1st .......most of our trials are 1st gear type sections the small sprocket is a 12 ...it is new and i dont want to change this . wondered what most 305 riders use thats all thanks in advance for any replies cheers Murray
  3. thanks Bilko for the diagram ...does not show a gasket cheers murray
  4. Hello thanks in advance for any help question does the carb manifold to reed valve have a gasket ??? my one does not ,just trying to eliminate an air leak.... cheer murray
  5. mur

    fantic 200 rear rim

    hi guys the "grail " may have been spotted ...... small hitch i have to seal a rimlock hole ??.....wondered if anyone has done this successfully and can advise me. , cheers murray
  6. mur

    fantic 200 rear rim

    Been chuckling at that "Grail " thing all day good one Ross, will have to push myself through a new frontier to use the" bendy thing" on the bars with the left appendage .........its maybe too soon !!!!
  7. mur

    fantic 200 rear rim

    thanks Martin ,will try sids whoever they are ........ the Grail quest continues. cheers mur
  8. mur

    fantic 200 rear rim

    thanks Martin ,will try sids whoever they are ........ the Grail quest continues. cheers mur
  9. mur

    fantic 200 rear rim

    You've got a secret Grail then Ross!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. mur

    fantic 200 rear rim

    hello everyone looking to put a tubeless rim on the wee fantic 200 hub. thought this would be quite straightforward ....but no it seems not. bought a 36 spoke sherco tubeless rim thinking no bother, alas wheelbuilder says not enough meat on it (whatever this means) my question is has anyone done the tubeless rim and where and what kind of rim do you have . kind regards murray
  11. mur

    Majesty Rear Wheel

    many thanks ....scorpa 250
  12. mur

    Majesty Rear Wheel

    hello wondered if anyone could tell me if there is a difference between a ty 175 rear wheel and brake plate and the majesty rear wheel and brake . i have the ty and a friend wants this for his majesty (Andy if your on here ) just wondered if they are the same . kind regards Murray
  13. mur

    Front Wheel Rimlock

    thanks graham it does look a wee bit wider--- will just order up the right thing . cheers murray
  14. mur

    Front Wheel Rimlock

    hi guys just wondering if i can use a WM2 rimlock in the front( as i happen to have one handy) in a bog standard 200.fantic many thanks in advance cheers murray
  15. mur

    240 Air Box

    much obliged furse saved me a few bob thanks again cheers murray
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