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  1. Sachs shock from Gas Gas up to 2001 or Beta Techno will fit. Techno has heavier spring and suits the Fantic better.
  2. As dan has said plus check the spade on the HT coil along with all other electrical connections.
  3. The full factory WTC bikes, are very modified most of the mods hidden with no bling so you think you are buying the same in the dealers. The bikes of the top BTC guys are not that trick, Just very well set up and finely tuned in every important department. The best make of bike is one in good mechanical order with good fresh tyres. Set up properly and adjusted to suit the style, Height and weight of the rider. All the modern bikes do the same thing, They ride different but it takes more than a few go's to get used to them so you will get alot of false opinions of bikes from people who have only had 15 mins on one at a test day. 4 strokes are a like Marmite and some people, after spending 8k on a Ra Ra model, Can't back peddle and admit they'd be better off on a 250 EVO!!. For club men a re tuned 125 or a well set up 250 is the best. Experts know what they are after anyway. Give me 212cc's of 28 year old Fantic and I'll show you why you don't need a 300!
  4. There's a few clubs not too far from Surrey, and some challenging grounds such as Butser Limeworks and Hook Woods to name a couple. The modern clubs usually have quite a few classic and twinshock classes, there will be enough to challenge you especially after a couple of decade's break!
  5. If you want to swap electrics to eliminate them, you will need to swap the stator with matching flywheel and cdi. The coils are the same, check the spade connector for corrosion. The reg/rectifier should also be the same but that wouldn't affect running of the bike. Just mark the stator plates with tip ex or paint so you can put them back on the correct bikes properly when you have finished swapping around. There should be a factory mark on the stator anyway. If you have already removed the stators just go by the 3 screw marks on them. Try disconnecting the kill switch too, they can cause weird problems too. Another thing to check, the needle in the carb slide, make sure it's under the big flat washer.
  6. No, but I can play them without drumsticks! I actually spent many years importing and selling them but that's another story! My old man has one but I leave it to my brother to sort as he's the one that talked him into it! My wife said she wanted one so I got her a Granvia!!!
  7. Swapping a Keihin for a Delortto? Sounds crazy but each to their own. I'd like to know how it's a direct fit on an Evo with out duct tape!!!!!? Will need the right cable, maybe a rev 3 Mikuni type inlet and a reducer hose for the airbox side to be a proper fit. The Keihin will be smoother off the bottom than the Dellorto. Beta wouldn't fit the Keihin as standard for the sake of it as Dellorto is cheaper and on Beta's door step.
  8. A rack on a Bongo will be fine, That's the least of your worries with a Bongo!
  9. The jitsie ht2 is a great helmet, it's plastic and for the money (60) it's well made. If you are riding at a high level you will need a lightweight helmet due to the forces of extreme landings and drop offs that give a whiplash effect. For the average rider the cheaper Jitsie lids are great and look as cool as a £200 lid
  10. Aftermarket foot pegs, especially the ones with the adjustable spacers put all the stress at the end of the mount. Std foot pegs tend to fit the shape of the mount more so when you whack one the force is more evenly distributed over the whole mount rather than 2 small contact points of the spacers on aftermarkets. Also adjustable foot pegs or more rearward spaced ones can put slightly greater stress on the mount due to extra leverage or the angle of force applied to the bracket.
  11. steve_earle

    2017 Txt Gp

    Good on Gas Gas, I'd love one of the GP ones after having the Raga's etc. Gas Gas has been the benchmark for the others for years in terms of weight. It's funny how when patents are now over 10 years old other 2t bikes, (except Beta who are still happy with the Techno bottom end still) suddenly got the 4/6 gearbox and I believe Sherco now have the diaphram clutch, probably see a beta with one soon. The problem is the Std Racing is so well specced, the GP is a big price difference for essentially a bit of carbon and the 3 way Reiger. The old Raga and Factory were a bigger jump in spec to warrant the extra price.
  12. Tech forks on a 2011!! one way to double the bike value. Are you using the correct spindle for the tech forks? I would Imagine you will either need spacers or a Gas Gas/Sherco front wheel with correct hub.
  13. steve_earle

    Fan Motor

    £30 is cheap, Gat Gas are £90!!!!, Beta at about £125!!! Sherco are the best priced parts compared to the other brands!!!
  14. If you have the two piston caliper then your bike has the Grimeca system, 4 piston is AJP brand. Trials and tribulations do the parts needed. The Grimeca caliper pistons are not very well anodized and wear very quickly. The rear master cylinders wear quickly inside, sometimes you can get away with just the seal kit. Phone Ian at Trials and Tribulations (google for number), He will send what you need.
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