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  1. Hi sectionone. I would like to download a copy of Bernie's book. Is this still possible and how do I proceed. Thank you.
  2. I hope we still get to enjoy the brittle fenders. Why bother to address years-old customer complaints when they can offer new colors and decals...................
  3. Are there any channels showing the series in the USA for 2019? I've searched and found nothing. Thanks.
  4. What brand forks are fitted to the 2017 Factory models? Thanks.
  5. 2013 EVO 250 - Will a Dellorto PHBL26 adapt from the 28 Keihin? The stock Keihin float bowl almost touches the crankcase. Thanks.
  6. I have a 2013 EVO. I replaced the front with a GG fender & brace ( bolts right on). Replaced the rear with a Jitsie kit. I think they are discontinued. If you look at the stockers long enough they will break! It's very disappointing that Beta won't do it right.
  7. I need narrow boots (US "C" width). My Novogars are too wide; I feel like I have a loose connection between my feet and the pegs (that's also a great excuse for having a poor ride!). I've read all the boot posts and it seems like all the leather boots are great for wide feet. I haven't found any comments about the width of Alpinestar or Sidi. Thanks.
  8. The Beta flywheel weight kit part number for a 2013 250 EVO 2T is AB-80015 according to Beta's USA website. It is offered in "Light" or "Heavy". Does anyone know the actual weights of these? Thank you.
  9. I need the recommended fork oil levels for a 2013 Factory Evo 250. The CD owner's manual that came with the bike shows a different bike/forks and I'm not convinced the information is correct. It says 70 mm right, 130mm left. The parts manual shows very different internals for the standard vs factory model forks. Thanks!
  10. Does anyone know if the 2014 alternator cover gasket (#007100440000) will fit the 2013 Factory cover and case?
  11. I just broke the front fender on my 2013 EVO 250. It was a slow, first gear tip over on slick hardpack - no rocks, roots, or logs, temperature was low 70's F / 20's C. What a piece of garbage!!! I don't expect any dirtbike fender to be indestructible but this should not have happened. From all the complaints I've been reading, it seems that Beta is selling trials bikes so they can make a fortune selling replacement fenders. There is no excuse for such poor quality material. Beta will not get my $ for any replacements. I'll get a Jitsie for the rear. Some questions about a replacement front fender: 1. Is the GasGas fender really an EZ bolt-on fit? 2. Jitsie part #JI110-FRMUDGUARD - is this as flexible as their rear fender kit? Thanks to all.
  12. Which company makes the best electronic ignition for a 199A? Thanks!
  13. I can't tell any difference between the two spark advance map settings - yellow button down - aggressive, button up - soft. Is there supposed to be a big difference? Thanks.
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