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  1. mightychub

    New Factory Beta 2019

    Looks nice but I think my 17 will still do what it needs to do. I will replace mine when it starts to wear out
  2. mightychub

    New Factory Beta 2019

  3. mightychub

    Evo factory 300 carb

    I had the same issue on my new 2017 Factory 300 I rang John Lampkin and he told me it is normal and it's the way they set them. He said if I try and adjust the pinging out I will upset bike completely. I have never touched it and always make sure I use top notch fuel and the right amount of oil I always put a few ml less in and the bike does it's job pulls like a bus and is very smooth in sections. I hope this helps
  4. mightychub

    2019 factory

    Nothing yet been waiting myself
  5. mightychub

    New Start / Which Bike

    I have had many bikes and Beta is always my go to brand these days. Never had an issue they do what they say on the tin and if you go for the 250T it's a super easy bike to ride
  6. mightychub

    Beta 4T Normal or Noisy?

    Sounds like the chain slapping maybe tensioner is slightly worn or needs adjusting. My bro has one of these and it's really quite
  7. mightychub

    Could this be the new 2019 Factory 300T?

    Found this floating on the net looks slightly different to last years model. Could this be the new 2019 Factory bike?
  8. mightychub

    Evo factory 300 2017 v’s 18

    A bit late replying to this but only a few changes have been made on the 18 one of the major ones was the moving of the electronics to under the seat which is a good move. The big changes for the 19 ones are shock and forks but that's about it. I was going to change to an 18 as I thought moving the electronics was a much better move but in all honesty I have had no issues with my Factory 300 electronics. The other major things that make the factory a better bike is that it's much lighter than the standard model and the brakes are much better too. There is an old saying If its not broken don't touch it. Beta have been at the top for many years for good reason their design just works and is super reliable.
  9. mightychub

    Beta Evo Factory 300 2T 2017 Suspension SAG

    You can never set this up by not riding sections you need to make a note each time of how the bike feels when riding the same section. It took me a few rides out before I dialed in the perfect setup on my 2017 Factory 300. I like a very active back end so nice and bouncy, but still wanted it to damp enough on the way back up. Now I have loads of grip but enough rebound to kick over steps etc. Take some tools with you pick some ground that covers steps, climb, roots etc and keep going over the same section until you feel the bike is doing what you want it to do once you have the back dialed in then set the front forks to match
  10. mightychub

    Hello from teesside

    The best thing you will ever do. I have not ridden a trials biker for about 20 years am 56 coming up and am loving it I joined Guisborough club and I ride at Charlton's which is a fantastic place. Just grab yourself a bike and go have some fun. There are plenty of us who will help if your not sure on all things trials.
  11. You get more for your money with the Factory Beta. Acklams have the last 2017 Factory 300 four stroke and it's still at the 2017 price. The 2018 ones are all going up in price.
  12. mightychub

    evo 250 or 300

    I just got one of the last 2017 300 factory bikes had a 2016 evo 250 for a few months took it back and got the factory. The factory bike is amazing worth the extra few £s much smoother but has the power when needed it also has the slow throttle just to keep it under control. It's a much lighter bike than the 250 and the forks and shock are much better, brakes also seem to be more powerful. The bike is a blast and will go up anything lots of grip too with good throttle control. Am 14.6 stone and the 300 was the right choice for me.