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  1. I would not inject any of that **** in me at all, I've already lost one family member who had his 2nd shot and my Cuz's daughters husband who is 42 had his 2nd one and had mutli organ shut down and is now riddled with blood clots, he now needs 24 hour care.....the whole thing was a scam from the start. Really funny how no one even talks about it anymore but it was on everyones lips for 2 years
  2. Just wanted to add to this post I ended up with a brand new bike from the shop, the noise was that bad they could not work out what the issue was so gave me the last 300 they had. Anyway started running it in and this one too lost the gear box oil but thankfully I noticed before it lost too much.....so back to the shop I went my local Beta dealer is over 1 hour away so was getting a bit sick of going back and forth so they did it while I waited, it turned out to be another crank seal gone, talk about disappointment is an understatement. They did the seal and off home I went bike was running great no more issues with the engine. On the second ride out my headstock started to get super tight so took it apart to find NO grease at all in there so on finding this I took the swinging arm out to check and the first thing I came across was a snapped bolt off the dog bone to frame it was stuck inside the bush what a job getting it out and then one of the bushes was stuck to the long bolt that goes dog bone to swinging arm.....NO grease again in any of the bearings so instead of taking the bike back I rang the shop the parts came next day and I did it myself, at least I knew it was done right. I have been out for a good session the other day and the bike is now how it should have been out of the factory but Beta really need to step up their game because at this rate am going to try and different bike. All the lads I ride with have TRS and not one of them has had an issue what so ever and they can not believe the problems I have had, This should not be happening this day and age and I have just found out that the price is going up at the end of the year. I have been a Beta rider on and off since I was 23 am now 60, I love their bikes they just ride great and I've done well on them over the years it will be a shame that they will lose a good customer because I have had nothing back from Lampkins imports about my grievance's and they use to jump on stuff like this....sad very sad
  3. I think the first batch of 2022 factory bikes were rushed out, I now have a super load clutch like a gear selector is rattling. Will be ringing the shop again.
  4. Hi, Check your gearbox oil level through the inspection window. My new 22 300 factory bike was over heating and the fan was on all the time after only a few hours of running in, It turned out that the crank seal was not sat right and was using up gear oil. Its worth checking just in case its the same issue.
  5. Yea the upgrades are worth it I think…am doing a full upgrade on mine am getting the Hippel racing upgrades plus the bosi exhaust system…she will be class when I get her done. My bike arrives end of the month can’t wait
  6. I was going to buy a Vertigo nitro till I saw all the bad reviews about the electric box and saw photos of how bad the mud and water gets in. I know beta have not ever done anything drastic but it’s the old adage if it’s not broken don’t fix it…Iv got my order in for one. it just works out the box and I have never had an issue with them
  7. mightychub

    Left leg start

    Super easy to kick over. My mate has just bought a new 2019 300 and he was really worried about left hand kick but after two outings said it was way easier than he thought it was going to be.
  8. mightychub

    New Beta’s

    Not had an issue with the back at all super stopping power
  9. mightychub

    New Beta’s

    The new 19 300 I have just bought is probs the best Factory one so far the engine is amazing and also the forks and shock seem more in tune then last models, as far as I know they have put new damper cartridges in. I think if Beta start putting higher end shocks on like the Raga one it really will shoot the price up. Beta have always come in at a fantastic selling point, while other makes are going over the £7000 mark Beta are trying to stay within that £6349 price. My new Beta also uses braktec my 17 had braktec too best brakes you can have on a trials bike very powerful. I had the chance to change bikes but stuck with Beta they do what they say on the tin, they just work and are one of the best clubman bikes going super easy to ride.
  10. mightychub

    New Beta’s

    I heard the same news from the horses mouth NO fuel injection just yet but they have been working on it for the last two years and are still in tests. For 2020 new colour and that's about it. Will be same as 19 which I bought a few weeks ago managed to bag myself one very lucky to get one. I think the 19 is the nicest one they have done and I will be sticking with mine until there is a big leap forward from them.
  11. Ok latest update. I changed where I get my fuel from and put in octane boost which defo makes the bike run better it's much smoother and crisper off the throttle and does not rattle as much. I have also found out that the only difference between mine and the 18 and 19 bikes they are running a slightly larger piston, interesting. It seems it is a carb issue when the bike is climbing a long steep bank the fuel is moving to the back of the float bowl causing fuel starvation. The pro riders put a bigger float bowl on to stop this from happening when they are hitting big steps and the bike is vertical. So it is something you either live with or put on a bigger float bowl, to be honest for the odd time am climbing a long hill I don't think I need to do it and I certainly will not be hitting any big steeps anytime soon lol. And I have also been told for the few seconds it rattles it will not damage anything at all. So I think I have a conclusion to this common issue. I will now just get out and ride and stop worrying about it.
  12. Some good ideas there I could defo try running without air filter first and see what happens. I already run it on the highest octane I can get. Yes I do have borescope and will take a look this week. I will start small and work my way through those ideas thanks very much for the suggestions
  13. I have now spoken to John Lampkin who has informed me after having a good look at it that it is normal? He says as the bike goes between low jet and high jet there is a moment that there is hardly any fuel going into the bore so when it reaches the point of getting the fuel the piston will slap a bit. I still find it very disconcerting that the piston slaps that hard but he says it's a common thing on the new Betas and not to worry about it. I have asked a few folk who have 18s and 19s they all say they don't have it happen on their bikes. It kinda makes you want to go get a new one but mine is still new and I should not have to get rid of it. I really don't know what to do for the best because to my ears it's a nasty noise
  14. Hi everyone latest update as of today 25th June the shop can not fix the issue they have replaced electric stuff and the issue is still there. The bike has to go back to Lampkin imports for assessment as it is now up to them what happens. I have no idea when I will get it back. I am gutted and this is the first time I have ever had an issue with a Beta. It's going to be interesting to find out what the problem is.
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