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  1. csd4t

    Left leg start

    Thanks for the replies chaps, solved the problem today...........bought a TRS
  2. csd4t

    Left leg start

    Possibly about to push the button on an evo 250, any problems with the LH kickstart? I have a knee replacement on the left. Back in my MX days I had a Maico 500 which was a pig to start had to be off the bike LH side and use my right leg to start.
  3. Thanks so far, any ideas with the swing arm? Got the centre spindle out but the tube and 2 outer bushes are seized solid plus there seems to be some sort of o ring/rubber in there judging by the smell!!!! Also flywheel nut LH or RH thread, managed to get the counter weight off though. What were montesa thinking of with the gearbox sprocket.......... taper, keyway, left hand locking nut with lock washer maybe they thought the massive power and high speeds would cause problems
  4. I am in the process of trying to strip this bike and have a few questions. What are the differences between between VUK and a standard 247? Flywheel nut LH or RH thread? Any secret to removing the gearbox sprocket tried heat, currently sitting with heavy duty 3 leg pullers tension up. Anyone have a clear picture of the swing arm bush/spindle arrangement as the parts list drawing is not very clear? Cylinder nuts, got one off but other 3 are solid, currently bathing in plus gas? The bike has been stored for 20 or more years and almost everything is seized that'll do for now thanks in anticipation from gods own county
  5. csd4t

    Ey up

    Hi all just introducing myself, not long since procured me a montesa 247 VUK a few question posted on the montesa forum for any gurus?
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