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  1. Here's the engine stuff Scorpa_engine_files.pdf
  2. I had an '08 SY250. Basically the same bike with different forks and graphics, but I have the owners manual and parts manual on pdf files. I'll try to insert it here. It loved Maxima 75 wt light transmission fluid. SY-250R2008_English.pdf
  3. I made mine out of shop vac tubes. The brittle carbon fibre look guards that I bought lasted a couple of months before they broke. The shop vac tubes are not brittle stand up a lot better. Just cut them out with a jig saw. Neoprene fork gaiters too to protect the seals.
  4. ridgrunr

    scorpa sy tank

    This is the stuff I used. Worked great on my Scorpa tank.
  5. ridgrunr

    scorpa sy tank

    You might consider sealing the inside of the tank with something like Caswell Plastic fuel tank sealer before painting. That will stop gas from permeating through the plastic. I did my 08 Scorpa tank as the fuel cap neck was not sealed well to the tank and leaked all the time. Worked great.
  6. Used an Easy Clutch on a lot of my TY250's and TY80's. Really helped the clutch pull.
  7. Recommending (or not) a bike is always a crap shoot. Guys usually REALLY like best whatever they happen to be riding. About the only difference you'll really notice between the 125 and the 200 is that you'll need to use the clutch a LOT more on the 125. Although the 200 should be plenty easy, the 125 will be easier to kick start. If starting is your issue with your knees (I can relate), I can tell you that at almost 64, my 300 Beta Evo is a lot harder to start than my buddy's 250 Evo. So it only goes to figure a 125 would be easier than a 200. The 125 will not have the grunt that a 200 will have. While gobs of power is not a primary issue in a Trials bike, it does become an issue as you progress and become more skilled. In time you may start to find that a 125 will start feeling a little anemic. I assume that you know that the Betas are left side kick, while just about everything else out there are right kick. Something to consider if you've got bad knees and have one stronger leg than the other. If kick starting the thing is a major concern, have you considered an electric start model, such as a GAS GAS 250 Contact? Just push the button and you're off! It does't look near as trick as a Factory Beta, but might be just the ticket. Just a thought.
  8. Chances are your rear fender won't survive a fall. Almost every one in our club who riders Evos has broken their rear fender. They are made of just too hard of plastic. Bosi makes a flexible rear replacement, which is also about $100, but then you'll have to buy new stickers if you want it to match. I bought one, but since I put in a break away hinge on the original fender, my rear fender has survived two falls that simply broke the zip ties. Works like a champ, looks good and can save you forking out $100+ for a new fender. Some guys may get lucky and not break one, but most won't. I chose to be a little proactive.
  9. ridgrunr

    Bosi mudguard kit

    I put a hinge in mine before I broke it. Works great and has popped off twice only breaking two zip ties. Replaced the zip ties and I was in business again. I have bought a Bosi fender mod but have not put it on yet as it doesn't have any of the striping to match and my hinged fender works fine in a fall, and regardless of what everyone says, if you ride, sooner or later everyone falls. If you scroll down on the link here, you can see pics of how I did mine.
  10. Oh, and Maxima 75 wt lite transmission fluid in the tranny...since you asked.
  11. Rode my o8 SY250R for nine years before I traded up this spring. Was probably my second favorite bike next to my 94 KRoo. We'll see how the new Evo stands up. Ran Amzoil Dominator at 70-80:1 in the Scorpa. 70-80:1 as It's almost impossible to be perfectly accurate all the time. Rode it in hundreds of practices and a meet every month, with half a dozen hard trail rides across the Five Miles of Hell in Utah. Always ran great and never had the head off. Bike ran as good the day I sold it as it did new. If you run more than 70:1 you're just gumming it up.
  12. ridgrunr

    2018 beta

    I love it. Means parts for my 2105 Evo will be available for years to come!
  13. I run Maxima 75 wt lite Transmission Fluid in my 2015 Evo 300. Used it in my Scorpa and Gas Gases too and have always had great clutch and shifting. Plus I can get it at my local bike shop.
  14. Update to my Evo rear fender post. Fell in an easy sand section on the first loop in the meet a couple of weeks ago. Even though it was an easy section, the rear fender still smacked the rocks, but my fender modification worked like a charm. Snapped two of the three zip ties, as it was designed to do, but no damage to the fender. Replaced the two zip ties and away I went. My son in law wasn't so lucky during our Moab trip, but then he hadn't modified his rear fender. It's modified now though and is held together with duct tape!
  15. ridgrunr

    Evo side stand fix

    I'm wondering if the problem a lot of guys are having with their Evo side stands is that they don't want to stay down once put down, or that the bike easily rolls off the side stand?. This is an easy fix. Just get to the side stand pivot bolt under the bike, and remove the allen head screw from the pivot bolt head. That allen head screw catches on the spring and makes the side stand flip up as soon as any weight is taken off the bike and also makes it hard to put down with just your boot. Removing the allen screw will allow you to put it down with your boot and it'll stay down till you put it up.
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