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  1. charlie chitlins

    Kuberg, Anybody?

    I have a local dealer. Prices are pretty good and they look the business. Any experience?
  2. charlie chitlins

    Monday music on Weds!

    Cooooooooooooope! Sometimes the excitement I work up onstage is harder on the knees than trials! And trials doesn't get me home at 3 a.m.!!!
  3. charlie chitlins

    Monday music on Weds!

    Cool! Thanks for the props! Here's a link if you want a CD: http://lanarkrecords.net/store/product_detail/487
  4. charlie chitlins

    Future Trials Champ?

    The wifey reminded me...he was trying to get his bike through some bushes and down a hill when she asked him what he was doing, "Just tryin' to do some trials, mom."
  5. charlie chitlins

    Monday music on Weds!

    If anybody's interested, this has taken the place of Trials for me. We got signed to a label this year and are being played on about 150 broadcast radio stations in the US, Canada, South/Central America, Europe, Oz & New Zealand. Several have put us in the top 25. So...for the time being...I'm trying not to get injured! http://lanarkrecords.net/the-blue-plate-specials
  6. charlie chitlins

    Future Trials Champ?

    He does U turns in the walking path in front of the house. It's about a bike-length in width. It's crazy. He likes to stand straight upright...looks like Malcolm Rathmell or somebody... It's so much fun to watch.
  7. charlie chitlins

    Future Trials Champ?

    OK...I used to post a lot here, but the reluctance to get knee replacements has taken me out of the sport. But, I thought I'd share this pic of my 3 1/2 year old who has control of his bicycle that blows most kids 3x his age away! I'm conflicted about whether it's time for an OSET, or just let him pedal for awhile and see what happens...
  8. charlie chitlins

    Gas Gas Wheel Bearing Seals - Or Lack Of ? Missing?

    Many bearings are under-greased. It wouldn't hurt to peel the rubber seal out (from the inside!) and stuff some more grease in there if necessary.
  9. charlie chitlins

    Exhaust Repair

    Just some clear silicone. The kind you get at the hardware. Just make sure it's 100% silicone. Been using it for 120 years. Even stays in the exhaust ports of Harleys.
  10. charlie chitlins

    Split Link Clip

    Are you saying that there's an elegant solution for moving the bottom of the frame away from the chain? Angle grinder? Cutting torch? Maybe I should have worn a double-bresated pinstripe suit while doing it. Now THAT'S elegant! AND...I take exception to the phrase "cheater bar". I prefer "fine tuning appliance".
  11. charlie chitlins

    Fork Oil Weight

    If you want to go heavier than 5...more like 7...ATF works fine and is inexpensive. As an aside...I went to the local bike shop the other day to get a quart of fork oil. The guy put some fancy brand of synthetic oil on the counter and said it was over $24!! I told him to keep it. Went to the local indy and got a bottle of Repsol for $8.
  12. charlie chitlins

    Split Link Clip

    Funny...the chain on my son's 125 hit the frame, too. I thought it was bent. I put a big ol' crescent wrench and a breaker bar (old fork tube) on it and bent it out away from the chain.
  13. charlie chitlins

    Pool Noodle.

    I would think that you'd need some kind of valve (probably a tubeless one) to seat the bead.
  14. charlie chitlins

    Pool Noodle.

    I saw David Chaves(z?) riding with tire balls once. He said they were good.
  15. charlie chitlins

    My Finger Is Stuck!

    For me, it's just been decided. I need surgery on mine. Supposedly it's quick and easy with a relatively short recovery.