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  1. Thanks! My meniscus was removed 40 years ago. That's how they did it back then!
  2. Hadn't checked in for awhile. Thanks for the info. My clutch had ATF in it. I remember from back when I was working on GG, Sherco and Scorpa regularly, we were having clutch material getting un-bonded from the plates, and it was always bikes with ATF.
  3. I'm recovering from a knee replacement. In a tongue-in-cheek way, I said to Mama Chitlins, " I may bring the bike in the house for balance practice...y'know...as physical therapy." And a few days ago, something came up about my recovery and she calmly said to a friend, "Yeah... we're considering bringing Charlie's trials bike inside for the winter so he can practice balance and strengthen his leg." Yup... I'm bragging. I married RIGHT......this time
  4. Woah! Sweet! Interesting picture....looks like Iceland, or something.
  5. A penetrating oil that follows heat helps. I used Kroil. Several heating/cooling cycles helps, so does tapping sharply and repeatedly with a hammer to help loosen the interface and help the oil penetrate. Dissimilar metals make a small electrical charge that promotes oxidation and they virtually weld themselves together. I would say that 10-15 heating/cooling cycles would not be unheard of. That's a hostile environment. Put the new one in with high temp anti-seize.
  6. I have a 2000's bike, but my style is strictly pre-65 😉 I just want to be well enough to feel what it's like to be in a stream bed with a motorcycle under me again.
  7. I think they're all good. I would suggest that if your nearest dealer is reputable, buy his brand and build a relationship.
  8. Had mine done 5 days ago. I'll let you know.
  9. I'm not all OEM anymore. Aftermarket knee. Anybody continue to ride with a new knee? I know some sports are just a no-go.
  10. I've taught many kids how to ride. The biggest mistake is to get a bike they can "grow into." The more they feel in control of the bike...the more they can throw it around...the better they'll feel. Ever notice how kids love to ride bicycles that are way too small for them? This gives them that feeling of total control over it. In general, only step up when the bike is almost comically too small...or when it's really clear that the kid really wants something bigger.
  11. I have a pair of Thor Blitz "ATV" boots. Super stiff, very grippy treaded sole. Too much step at the heel, but a razor knife solves that. IIRC, they were MUCH cheaper than trials boots. They also seem quite small for the size on the tag. My feet are wide with a high instep. These should be a size too big for me, but are very tight. Anybody who buys should try first. I'll try them one of these days (they are my son's, who no longer rides and are almost new). I'm a crappy rider and may prefer the extra protection.
  12. Probably only if you're the original owner. Maybe, though, they'll be helpful with telling the OP how to update/reinforce his.
  13. Yup...my son had one. Difficult bike for beginners. My other son had a 125 Sherco that, surprisingly, wasn't much different. Have to keep it in low gear to keep revs up. I think 4-strokes would be best for kids because of the power delivery, but I guess the makers try to keep the prices accessible and 4T wouldn't help that. But I bet the chassis from that GG 70 with a little Honda XR 80 or 100 would be a great bike. In general, a compression test would tell you if you need top end freshening, not power delivery.
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